Friday, March 26, 2010

50 Greatest Soap Actors: #45 Larkin Malloy

NAME: Larkin Malloy
RANK: 45
SOAP ROLES: Dr. Weston, AS THE WORLD TURNS (2002); Travis Montgomery, ALL MY CHILDREN (1987-1992, 1997, 1998, 2001); Clay Alden, LOVING (1992); Kyle Sampson, GUIDING LIGHT (1984-1987); SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (appeared in final episode); Schuyler Whitney/Jefferson Brown, THE EDGE OF NIGHT (1980-1984)

1989 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Favorite Super Couple: Daytime
1986 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role on a Daytime Serial
1986 Soap Opera Digest Award nomination for Favorite Daytime Super Couple on a Daytime Serial
1984 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series

Nelson Aspen: Any soap character compared to James Bond owes a debt of gratitude to Larkin's portrayal of Sky Whitney on EON: Cool, sophisticated, romantic action star! And even with his less showy roles after leaving Monticello, Larkin demonstrated serious acting skills and leading man sex appeal. His "mad scientist" gig on ATWT revealed the happy surprise of his humor side as well.

Alan Carter: He could play 100 roles, but for me...Sky was the limit. Powerful, cunning, suave and bad all in the same package. They dont write them like that much any more...nor do they act them that way either.

Roger Newcomb: He starred opposite three of the biggest female soap stars of the 1980s (and of all time) in Sharon Gabet, Kim Zimmer and Susan Lucci. Sky Whitney on EDGE was such an incredbile role that it was hard to top but he managed to find continued success at GUIDING LIGHT and ALL MY CHILDREN. It's a shame he's not leading a soap cast today.

Carmen Thomas: (worked with Malloy on ALL MY CHILDREN) He was always so charming, a really nice guy, sharp wit.


  1. I was hoping he would not be forgotten. I have been a Larkin Malloy fan since Edge of Night. Loved him and Sharon Gabet as Raven. I guess they would have been my first favorite couple.

  2. Love Larkin. So happy he made the list.

  3. Malloy's performance as Jefferson Brown and Schuyler Whitney on Edge of Night was great in a way that's hard to describe; he gave the characters an amazing vibrancy 100% of the time. Even when Malloy was playing Whitney as the laid-back, suave playboy, he brought that energy with him. It was something that James Horan, who filled in as Sky for 3 months after Malloy was injured in a bad car accident, could not duplicate that vibrancy.

  4. Loved watching him on EON. He had this quiet understated sexiness and intensity that was so hot!