Monday, February 1, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Bree Williamson

Jessica Buchanan is having a pretty hard time in Llanview this week, thanks to receiving too many volts of electroshock therapy courtesy of her father Mitch Lawrence.  Fortunately, Bree Williamson is alive and well and getting ready to perform in the hysterical can't-miss play Queen Bea: A Soapsicle in New York City.  To read more about the play, as well as Bree's experience portraying Jessica's troubles, please take a look at our recent interview.

 In Part One -  Bree shares with me the importance of women's healthcare issues, as well as adjusting into the recast of Jessica on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

In Part TwoShe discusses more about the Tess storyline, the famous funeral episode after Nash died, as well as the one scene she couldn't shake off.

In Part Three - Bree discusses losing at the 2009 Emmy Awards, being a role model, and the unfortunate fate of male heroes in Llanview.

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