Monday, February 1, 2010

CLASSIC PHOTO: Jeanne Cooper & The Y&R Cast

Here is a classic cast photo from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS featuring Jeanne Cooper, Brenda Dickson and many more. Can you name everyone in the photo?


  1. Great photo! I used to watch Y&R with my grandmother during the heyday of the Brooks and Foster families. Nice to see those faces again.

  2. David Hasselhoff and cooper and cant name the rest sorry

  3. I see Jamie Lyn Bauer right in the middle if I'm not mistaken!

  4. That's Anthony Herrera (better known as ATWT's James Stenbeck) beside David Hasselhoff.

    To the right of Jamie Lyn Bauer is Julianna McCarthy who played Liz Foster and to her left is John McCook (Lance, now B&B's Eric).

    Robert Colbert was Stuart Brooks.

    Is that Dick DeCoit in the back?

    Dorothy Green? Tom Hallick?

  5. Okay. Going strictly from memory and not looking up anything – even spelling. . . Starting from the top row, left to right. . .

    o David Hasselhoff/Dr. Snapper
    o Looks like Anthony Herrera. I think he was college professor.
    o I think the character was named Sally and was married to Anthony’s character. She looks like Nancy Allen here.
    o Tom Hallick. Can’t remember the character’s name, but he was the mystery man in one of the show’s first big stories. In fact, wasn’t he in the first scene of the first episode? An amnesiac doctor, I think.
    o K.T. Stevens, I think. She played the crazy lady who was burnt in a fire and wore “I Dream of Jeannie” hats and veils to cover the scars.
    o Jamie Lynn Bauer/Laurie Brooks
    o John McCook/Lance Prentiss. He was involved with Laurie and Leslie, and his mother was the crazy veil lady.
    o The actress’s last name is McCarthy, I think. She played Liz, Snapper and Jill’s mother.
    o Janice Lynde? Her character was the Brooks sister who was a concert pianist, Leslie.
    o Can’t remember the actor’s name, but that’s Brock, Kaye’s son. Man, he was cute!
    o Brenda Dixon/Jill
    o I don’t know this guy. His blue sweater stands out though. Is that Bill Bell?
    o Don’t know the actress’s name, but the character was Chris, Snapper’s wife and one of the Brooks sisters.
    o Miss Thang, Jeanne Cooper, Katherine Chancellor
    o The Brooks mother, Jennifer
    o The Brooks father, Stuart. He was a total DILF.
    o The youngest Brooks sister, Pamela, I think is her name. She was having an affair with Professor Stenbeck.

    Steel trap mind! Gingko biloba, baby! Did I win anything?!