Friday, February 12, 2010

Queen Bea: A Soapsical Interview With Bree Williamson

Roger Newcomb and I nearly laughed our heads off at the February 9th performance of "Queen Bea: A Soapsical."  This is a hilarious new musical featuring some of your favorite ONE LIFE TO LIVE stars.  There is one more performance on Saturday February 13th, in Manhattan.  This is absolutely a can't-miss production for soap fans. You can still reserve a seat by calling 212.695.6909.  Then enjoy the below interview with one of the stars, Bree Williamson. 

We Love Soaps: I just saw "Queen Bea" and loved it. What was your drive for wanting to do this show again?
Bree Williamson: One of my really good friends is the writer.  I read it and thought, “Oh my God, this is the funniest thing ever.”  It was her thesis project at Tisch and I saw the performance of it and said to her, “Why don’t we put this on, it’s so wonderful!” Now we’re here.

We Love Soaps: The lead character’s name is Bea Williams.  That’s awfully close to somebody I know.
Bree Williamson: I know, it is!

We Love Soaps: Is that a coincidence?
Bree Williamson: I think it was all subconscious.  It got brought up one day at rehearsal:  Bea Williams, and Bree Williamson, hello?  But I think I was just in her subconscious. 

We Love Soaps: This show talks about some of the fears around the decline of daytime.  Was that something you wanted to present?
Bree Williamson: I didn’t write it, but I think it’s really relevant right now. 

We Love Soaps: Between doing this show and your schedule at ONE LIFE, how did you find the time?
Bree Williamson: I’m really tired. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  We mostly rehearsed at nights and weekends. 

We Love Soaps: How are the new digs at ONE LIFE?
Bree Williamson: They’re so great, I love them.  I have my own dressing room! 

We Love Soaps: Who were you sharing with before then?
Bree Williamson: Crystal Hunt (Stacy).  Before that Beth Ann Bonner (ex-Talia).  Before that Alex Neal (ex-Paige).  Before that Ilene Kristen (Roxy).  And before that Fiona Hutchinson (ex-Gabrielle).  I’ve been sharing with a lot of people.  Not that I don’t love all those people.  But you know what, Melissa Archer [Natalie] is now right next door.  I can just tap on her wall.  She’s always game for a chat.

We Love Soaps: Any other plans to produce "Queen Bea" again after February 13th?
Bree Williamson: There’s talks of doing this again in the summer.  

We Love Soaps: Can you give us any preview of who might be in the audience on February 13th?
Bree Williamson: You never know! Heather Tom popped up tonight so you never know. I am sure there will be some surprise guests. 

Call 212.695.6909 to reserve your tickets for this show!

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