Friday, February 5, 2010

NEWS: Reid, DORM, Shaughnessy, 'ENDERS Live, Bassey

In the pipeline: EASTENDERS live episode
The EASTENDERS cast get their scripts on Monday for the special, live episode on Feb. 19 to mark 25 years of the show.

New York Times Frances Reid obituary
"This good-citizen résumé didn’t preclude her from taking part in some wacky plots, however. At one point she helped a man accused of a killing to escape from jail (her scheme involved drugged doughnuts) because she knew he was innocent. At another point she was presumed murdered by a serial killer — choked to death, also with doughnuts — only to be resurrected (along with a number of other victims) as a captive on a remote island that looked exactly like Salem."

Web series DORM LIFE having great success
"We've surpassed 10 million views for our entire property, all the views DORM LIFE has garnered," Riggs says. "We're still the No. 1 watched web show on Hulu, and we were the eighth most-watched thing on Hulu (including network and cable series) the week that the second season finale aired."

That second season saw DORM LIFE grow bigger on screen, too, with episodes stretched to as long as 10 to 17 minutes, and older, more established actors brought in from Los Angeles comedy groups to play roles such as the parents of the college kids. A third season is still a possibility, Riggs says, though the creators are starting to scatter from their home base at UCLA. Riggs works for Attention Span Media as a consultant and producer. De Sena is pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles.

B&B director selling home for $2.5M
David Shaughnessy and his wife, Anne, have listed for sale a six-bedroom, 6.5-bath home in Tarzana for $2.499 million.

INTERVIEW: Longtime AMC actress Jennifer Bassey (Marian)
"I was the original cougar. I was the older woman into the younger guys. Absolutely. The writers created the [cougar archetype.] I just played it. Everyone thinks I may be submitted for an Emmy this year because I’ve got wonderful footage at the funeral. If I do win it, I’m going to say it’s a great honor to play a role for almost 30 years. It’s also more than a great honor to play a nymphomaniac alcoholic murderess."

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