Friday, February 5, 2010

FLASHBACK: Robin Strasser 1972

Learning to Ease Tension

By Lydia Lane
Los Angeles Times
November 17, 1972

Robin Strasser was in the daytime TV series ANOTHER WORLD for five years but took that demanding schedule in her stride. "I had been told that there were great pressures in performing five times a week, but I had no idea that there would be a no-letup schedule."

Robin had no intention of turning to tranquilizers or pills. "I did what any sensible person would do - searched for ways of conserving and increasing my vitality.

More Alert

"Worry is one of the worst habits for depleting your energy. When there was friction on the set, I was determined to let others solve a problem if it did not concern me directly. But a tense atmosphere is not easy to block out, and sometimes I got a headache. So I tried to be more alert about the first signs of tension which hit me across the shoulders."

To relieve this, Robin practiced head rolls. "It is necessary to let your head fall limp, with your chin on your chest, and then slowly put the full weight of your skull in rotation - first one direction and then the other. When you are able to relax the vertebrae in your neck, you get a cracking sound that is a very effective release. Always inhale and exhale slowly in coordination with this."

Robin is sold on the latent power of breath. "I had the Lamaze training for natural childbirth, and it certainly minimizes discomfort of labor pains."

Relaxed Sleep

As we were walking to our cars, Robin added, "One important point is never to go to bed tense - no matter how tired you are. To be sure of a relaxed sleep, I do relaxing exercises or, when the weather is right, take a brisk walk with my husband. I have learned from experience that that quality of your sleep is more menaingful than the quantity.


  1. 37-years-ago, she was still dealing with tense situations on soap opera sets. Robin Strasser has done so much to give to her audience, doesn't she deserve to work somewhere where she is truly valued?

  2. I agree. Fans obviously value her. She is asking ABC Daytime/Disney show her the same regard as her peers. It is troublesome to me as a fan that she should even have to ask it after what she has given this genre and the Daytime audience.

  3. It's absolutely criminal that it's been 25 years since she was last nominated for an Emmy. She definitely deserves this lofty ranking. No matter how ridiculous the story or scene, she is absolutely riveting.