Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kale Browne on the 50 Greatest Actresses

Actor Kale Browne (ex-Michael, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Sam, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) has worked with a number of the women in the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses list. We asked him to comment on each of them.

Erika Slezak: Doesn't get any better than working with Erika. A terrific human being, always on top of her game and always tells the truth. A no-BS babe.

Robin Strasser: Wonderful to work with, a total pro, and very funny. She'll take anything you throw at her and run with it. Also incapable of a false move in front of a camera.

Linda Dano: Funny, real, a treasure to work with. A total professional and yet all heart, (but I'm sure you all knew the 'heart' part). Also the best on-cue "cryer" I ever knew.

Constance Ford: Hilarious, bawdy, profane, irreverent, hard-working, and the best showbiz stories I'd ever heard until I met John Considine.

Deidre Hall: My audition for the John Black character on DAYS got me the job on ANOTHER WORLD, so I'll always be grateful that she was so generous during my screen test and made the new guy look good. Shooting the MOW Woman On A Ledge with her years later was icing on the cake. A real pro.

Victoria Wyndham: ways on top of her game, very funny, and VERY big hair. Oh, that I think about it, I watched some old episodes on YouTube...we all had big hair back then.

Anne Heche: Great to work with. Incapable of giving anything less than 110%. Also incapable of faking it. A real trouper. She'll always occupy a very special place in this dad's heart.

Denise Alexander: What a champ. A real human, very smart and great to perform with. A terrific sense of humor and a wonderful actress.

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