Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HOT STORIES: Sonny Shoots Dante

GENERAL HOSPITAL is on a roll lately and February sweeps don't officially start until Feb. 4. First, Lucky found out about Elizabeth and Nikolas and went off on them. Now, the shooting of Dante by his father, Sonny, is playing out. On Thursday, Sonny and Jason found out "Dominic" was a cop. On Friday, Sonny shot Dante after a heated conversation. Olivia rushed in and screamed that Sonny had shot his own son. On Monday, the intense aftermath.

Catch up on this hot story below.

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  1. love to see the newcomer dante, to win an emmy of the heated confortation w/ his dad sonny. also
    love to mention is for them to bond as a father & son. let him, in the family. thanks,