HOT STORIES: Lucky (and Lulu) On A Rampage

Lucky went off on "faithless tramp" Elizabeth and "rotten soul" Nikolas on Monday's GENERAL HOSPITAL. This revelation was exactly the type of scene that Jonathan Jackson was brought back to nail. And boy did he. On Tuesday, Lulu let "family wrecking tramp" and "raging hypocrite" Elizabeth have it and that was pretty spectacular as well.

Catch up on this hot story below.


  1. I was just like...Elizabeth (Slutbeth) pick your face up!

  2. All i can say is major kudos for Julie and Jonathan. they nailed these scenes and it was just effortless and fantastic to watch. i knew the moment Lulu called Nik selfish that we were in for a treat. wow talk about lashing tongues. I hope we get to see more of this fallout and I am glad JJ is back as Lucky