Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FLASHBACK: Ingenues Also Suffer in Detergent Dramas 1959

As We Love Soaps continues to honor great actresses in soap history, here is another classic article, from the April 25, 1959 edition of TV Guide, featuring THE SECRET STORM's Joan Hotchkis (Myra Lake), FROM THESE ROOTS star Sarah Hardy (Lyddy Benson), YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE's Kathleen Widdoes (Jill Malone), THE GUIDING LIGHT's Joan Gray (Anne Benedict) and AS THE WORLD TURNS actress Wendy Drew (Ellen Lowell). Hardy would later take over the role of Jill Malone from Freda Holloway who replaced Widdoes.

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  1. Another great picture, although I like the composition of the shot from the 1964 article a bit better. Kathleen Widdoes looks so YOUNG! I didn't realize she was on soaps so early--I thought she came to them in the '70s after years on the stage and doing the movie, "The Group." Wow.

    Wendy Drew--that's only the second picture I've ever seen of her. She's pretty, but looked a little old for her part. I guess Patsy Bruder de-aged her...and then (5-6 years later) SORAS'd "Ellen Lowell"! But perhaps I'm wrong? Weren't best friends Ellen and Penny supposed to be just out of high school when the show started? Or were they supposed to be early 20s? I know Rosemary Prinz was around 25 when ATWT started in 1956 (and Patsy was nearly 10 years younger than when she took over the role of Ellen).

    Oh--and a friendly catch here; you have the character of "Myra" listed as "Myna."