Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FLASHBACK: Daytime Delilahs 1964

We couldn't honor the greatest soap opera actresses without mentioning a few "Delilahs" from the past. In this wonderful TV Guide article from December 26, 1964 provided by Rob Wargo, the magazine takes a look at four stars of daytime - LOVE OF LIFE's Lee Lawson (Barbara Sterling), THE SECRET STORM's Haila Stoddard (Pauline Rysdale), THE EDGE OF NIGHT's Ludi Claire (Elizabeth McGrath) and ANOTHER WORLD's Audra Lindley (Liz Matthews).

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  1. What a beautiful color picture this is! Lee Lawson especially looks beautiful here. Didn't Barbara Sterling, Bruce's daughter from his first marriage, hate Van with a passion? (Didn't his son hate her, too?)

    This is such a great article. Pretty forthcoming for the time, it seems. Thanks WLS (and Rob Wargo!) for sharing this with us!

  2. Dan, I thought you would love this one. I have an interview with Judith Barcroft coming out soon and she talks about Audra Lindley.

    I love classic articles like this.

  3. Me too, Roger!

    I'll keep an eye open for the Judith Barcroft interview!

    Speaking (again) of Lee Lawson, I'd found a commercial from 1965-66 starring Lee for Sanforized cotton underwear(!) that is kind of funny. I have the audio (love to hear those old commercials on my iPod between commercials!), but can't seem to find the video on YouTube anymore!

  4. These are sensational. Thanks guys.

  5. I have an episode from the first season of Maude (1972-73) where she plays a the hot-to-trot gown daughter of one Maude's friends. Quite the little seductress and only about 7 years before she started as Bea Reardon!