Saturday, November 12, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Claire Labine Answered YOUR Questions

Claire Labine
EDITOR'S NOTE: Reposted from February 2010.

The Divine Ms. Claire Labine took extra time last December to answer YOUR questions, in response to her We Love Soaps interview in November. Here below are the answers to your questions:

Part One - The Emmy Winning writer answers YOUR questions pertaining to her influences, the writers she admires, and her history of writing on daytime.

Part Two - She responds to more comments and questions about the current state of soaps. Plus, what role did Claire play in the creation of The Bold and the Beautiful?

Part Three - She answers your questions about Ryan's Hope. Including network battles, cast turnaround, and what Maeve Ryan would say about Sarah Palin!

Part Four - The Divine Ms. Labine answers your questions about General Hospital, including reflections on writing for Jonathan Jackson, Maurice Benard, and her plans for the beloved Ward family.

Part Five - She answers your questions about One Life to Live, including how she helped Ron Carlivati, her fascination with Todd and Tea, plus her secret about Wendi Mercury.

Part Six - She answers YOUR questions about Guiding Light and Love of Life, including what the real plan was for "Holivia" [Crystal Chappell + Maureen Garrett].

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