Friday, November 11, 2016

Claire Labine Has Passed Away at Age 82

Claire Labine
Beloved nine-time Emmy winner writer Claire Labine passed away earlier this week. She was 82. A cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

Labine wass best known for co-creating ABC daytime soap opera Ryan's Hope 1975, and her writing stints at General Hospital, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Where the Heart Is and Love of Life.

An alum of the University of Kentucky and Columbia University's School of Dramatic Arts, Labine began her writing career in the 1960s with a stint on Captain Kangaroo. After being fired two years into the job, she moved into soap operas, writing for CBS daytime drama Where the Heart Is.

Labine shared her love for working in daytime television during a 1997 interview with Writing magazine.

"The difference between daytime, primetime episodic, and film is simply that we have the luxury of time to play those scenes that I think are ultimately the most valuable: the emotional scenes involving relationships that really let the audience identify with these people," Labine said. "What you are dealing with is fundamental human emotion. And if you have a scene that is not about emotion but only about business or plot, you're in trouble. You need a few of them. But by God, the real scenes are the scenes between two characters in which something real and emotional is at stake for them."

The television community immediately responded with thoughts and memories of Labine on social media.

Maurice Benard: "Claire LaBine you will be missed you gave me a chance to play a character that had so many levels when no one else would so grateful to you"

Rosie O'Donnell: "the woman who gave us kate mulgrew - and the ryans - how lucky i am to have known and loved her #RYANShope"

Jill Lorie Hurst: "All that and she made a great mac and cheese. @daniellempaige and I have some lovely Claire stories."

Kassie DePaiva: "Soap Headwriter Claire Labine was one of the best! Rest In Peace dear gifted lady. #oltl #amc #ryanshope"

Vanessa Marcil: "Claire LaBine healed my soul & millions of others hearts through her art. She always stepped away if things became inauthentic #BadassChicks"

Michele Val Jean: As if this week couldn't get any worse, just found out Claire Labine died I'm heartbroken. She was a genius and a warm, loving person. It was my honor to write with her and learn from her. Rest in power, dear Claire. I will always carry what you gave me."

Wally Kurth: "I'm feeling for all of us who is who loved her. I feel so blessed to have performed her wonderful stories."

Rena Sofer: "OMG!!!! OH NO!! I'm so sad and also so honored to have played Lois who was created by her. RIP Claire❤️💋❤️❤️"

Danielle Paige: "Claire Labine gave me my start in soaps- she was the loveliest and most brilliant of women. Loved her so much"

Check out our fascinating multi-part interview with Labine from 2009 here. And don't miss the follow up interview in which Labine answered questions from our readers.


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