The Week in Review: Most Popular Posts

In case you missed them, here are the 15 most popular topics over the past week at We Love Soaps:

1.   1st Annual Indie Soap Award Nominations Announced
2.   PHOTOS: Lunch With The Cramer Women
3.   EDITORIAL: Why Soaps Are NOT Dying?
4.   RESULTS: Best Same Sex Soap of 2009
5.   Scott Evans: The We Love Soaps Interview, Part One
6.   Scott Evans: The We Love Soaps Interview, Part Three
7.   NEWS: Benz, Miller, Chappell, AMC/GH/OLTL Previews
8.   Lunch With The Cramer Women, Part 1
9.   F.A.Q.: The Top 50 Soap Actresses of All Time
10. Entertainment Weekly: Soaps - How Long Will They Last?
11. CLASSIC CLIP: Crystal Chappell on ALL MY CHILDREN
12. 2010 Daytime Emmy Rulebook: A Few Notes Of Interest
13. Don Hastings: The We Love Soaps Interview, Part One
14. FBI Gets Involved in S.O.S. Campaign
15. We Love Soaps: Hot in 2009

If you missed Episode #20 of “We Love Soaps Radio,” Roger Newcomb and Damon L. Jacobs welcomed special guests Don Hastings, Rebecca Budig, Susan Flannery, Bree Williamson, Robert Newman and Tia Dionna Hodge and discussed the latest hot topics from around the world of soaps.

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