Monday, January 4, 2010

RESULTS: Best Same Sex Soap of 2009

The We Love Soaps readers have spoken and voted GUIDING LIGHT as the Best Same Sex soap opera of 2009. ONE LIFE TO LIFE finished second.

But what will GLAAD think? The GLAAD nominations will be announced on January 13.


  1. It's pretty clear the rabid Otalia fans were out voting multiple times. GL didn't come close to OLTL, when it comes to portraying a well-rounded story about same-sex love that *didn't occur in a vacuum.*

    While Olivia an Natalia were busy NOT KISSING over on Otalia Island, Kyle and Oliver were in the thick of their lives in Llanview, interacting with different characters, participating in other story lines ad, eventually, doing theri gay thing as part of a diverse community.

    While Otalia bumped heads as a sign of love, Kish were in the middle of a huge crowd, sharing a sweet, lingering kiss.

    So much for the integrity of internet polls.

  2. Why I have to agree that Otalia did fall flat in terms of physical intimacy, in some ways, without the failings of GL and other same-sex pairings such as ATWT (Nuke)we would have no Kish.

    Also, I believe that Otalia dealt with many issues that gay people deal with everyday in real life such as homophobic families, religion/faith, and identity.

    Yes, it wasn't perfect, but you cannot deny the impact that Otalia has made in the hearts and minds of soap viewers.

  3. I believe that Kish also dealt with homophobic families, religion/faith, and identity, as well as the workplace - mostly on Fish's end, and mostly because of his parents.

  4. Lets face it Otalia and GL had the best gay storyline of 2009 yes there was lack of intimacy and the ending was ehh but the buildup and then the admittance was beautiful plus it took the entire year to build up the lovestory. and Kish which is good also didnt get together until maybe the last few months of 2009 now if this was 2010 OLTL would definitely win.

  5. otalia was best without sex best actors and killer chemistry. the truth is the light!!!just saying.....

  6. Olivia and Natalia did not exist in a vacuum by any means. Maybe there's a misunderstanding about this phrase. Yes, it was a flaw that Olivia and Natalia didn't get the physical & sexual realism that would have made it perfect but it was one of the best love stories ever, anywhere, anytime - and it was about 2 women who came to know their attraction for another woman late in life, after living successful heterosexual lives.

    Meanwhile, as far as I know, there's no point in gay fans bashing one gay storyline over another. As a fan of all real gay storylines I would have to take issue with parts of me, I guess!

  7. Otalia was the best gay storyline of 2009 hands down. Sure there was no kiss but the slow build up the chemistry between Jessica Leccia and Crystal Chappell was amazing.

    It was a beautiful love story that made an impact and touched a lot of peoples lives