Thursday, January 14, 2010

NEWS: Delany, Matula, Bregman, Teegarden, Herbst

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Dana Delany on her new storyline
“I have a very exciting storyline coming up that I’m really excited about,” reveals Dana Delany, who adds that the top-secret plot (thankfully) does not involve a continuation of crazy Katherine. “It’s a new Katherine.”

Rebecca Herbst is pregnant
Soaps in Depth is reporting that GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) is expecting her third child with husband Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan).

FNL's Jason Katims on whether Jesse Plemons & Aimee Teegarden will be back
“They will definitely be on the show next season,” he adds, “I just don’t know whether it’s every episode or not. But [at the very least] they’ll both have significant arcs.

INTERVIEW: B&B's Kimberly Matula (Hope)
"I had actually tested first with YOUNG AND RESTLESS, for the role of Daisy. It came down to three of us but I didn't book that job. A couple of weeks later, I was told that I had an audition for B&B. I did two auditions and they booked me. It was a short process, which I greatly appreciated!"

Y&R's Bregman explains her crutches
"I broke my foot the day right after our Thanksgiving break," the actress explains. "I was on crutches, and then in a cast, for six weeks."

Wild Wild Web
Danielle McClure writes: "Web soaps are all the rage, but VENICE and IMAGINARY BITCHES aren't the only hot series around! With the nominations of the First Annual Indie Soap Awards recently announced (winners will be picked February 1), Digest has compiled a handy guide to help you find which of your other favorite soap stars are working the indie beat — and where to watch 'em."

Were Victorian novels really the soap operas of their day? No!
Storylines in such soaps inevitably focus on relationships, love, loss, marriage and minor “tragedies”. As the narrative thread is required to be unending, with no extreme actions or noticeable resolution, various interlocking and interchangeable themes recur. We all know what these are as we see them every week.

Victorian fiction does not conform to this type. Authors aimed at a mixed readership. With only a few exceptions they were serialized in monthly instalments. Additionally, they have a recognisable beginning (exposition), followed by development, various crises and a final resolution.

UK: EASTENDERS bipolar story helps young seek advice
The number of 18 to 24-year-olds seeking help for bipolar disorder has doubled in the past six months, according to doctors. The number of young people calling helplines went from around 400 a day to an average of more than 800. MDF, The BiPolar Organisation, believe it's down to the storyline in BBC One soap EASTENDERS featuring the character Stacey Slater.

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