Thursday, January 14, 2010

CLASSIC CLIPS: Victoria Wyndham

Victoria Wyndham came in at #30 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Wydham including her work on ANOTHER WORLD.

1976: Rachel admits Ada was right.
1978: Rachel is skeptical of the motives of Iris.

1979: Mac tells Rachel the world doesn't revolved around what she wants.
1980: Mac learns he's not the father of Rachel's baby.

1981: Rachel and Mac take Christmas photos.
1983: Rachel and Mack remarry in a double wedding with Sandy and Blaine.

1989: Rachel has a vision of Janice and Steve.
Douglass Watson: Wyndham pays tribute to the late actor at the 1989 Daytime Emmy Awards.

1993: Rachel deals with the death of Ada.
1995: Justine refuses to leave until she has reintroduced herself to her sons.

1997: Wyndham's 25th anniversary on ANOTHER WORLD.

1999: Rachel and Carl are reunited.
1999: The final scene of ANOTHER WORLD (no audio).


  1. She's the one soap star I miss more than any other.

  2. Based on your name I thought you might say Tom Eplin! :)

    But I agree with your sentiment. I miss her too. For two decades she and AW were part of my daily routine.

  3. I don't know if you all have been told, but the finale/last scene clip has been muffled by YT for a few months now--all over the boneheaded/stubborn song-rights thing with Warner Bros. records (I guess Bette was singing for them at the time)...oh well, hopefully someone will come to their senses about it.

    I knew you all would have to have VW on the list, although I'm not so sure about the position....

  4. Gotta agree that Ms. Wyndham is sorely missed in daytime. Also agree with *awtribute* in that I would have definitely thought she would have placed in the Top 15. Kinda makes me wonder about my all-time fave, Linda Dano.

    As for Tom Eplin, I hope there is a 50 Greatest Soap ACTORS list cuz TE would definitely be on it!

  5. I was hoping that Vicky Wyndham would be voted among the Top 10. Still, I admire her wonderful work, going all the way back to her days on Guiding Light as Charlotte Waring Bauer (1968-1972).

  6. No offense to the WLS guys, because this is a great list, but I am not regarding this as the definite Top 50 in order, rather than 50 great soap actresses from the mid 1970's onwards.

  7. Tony, Denise Alexander started in 1960. Helen Wagner in the early 50s on GL. There are others to come even earlier. We included judges who knew more era than the past 30 years.

  8. I'm crushed that Victoria Wyndham did not make your top 10. She is definitely high on my list. I could have watched her reading the grocery list with Constance Ford's Ada and be compelled.

    The final clip of Another World was kindly included with the very first webisode of Another World Today in May 2009 at:

    I can only hope that the late Beverlee McKinsey (AW, Texas and GL) and the late Lois Kibbee (EON) are included on the list.

  9. Roger, my comment was not meant as a criticism. It is just that not much "videotape" exists of the 1950s and 1960s soaps, so the judging panel has very little reference material to that golden era

  10. One of the best. A class act all around.

  11. What a lovely set of clips from Another World. I loved that show and Victoria Wyndham so much. I remember the scene where Mac said to Rachel that she "ridicules" when other things don't work. And Rachel says "You are ridiculous".. that scene and line remained in my head from many years ago.

    I am so enjoying the AW Today storylines and am having fun playing some characters in the roleplay. I've just found this website recently and I must compliment you for your fine work. It is sad that the genre is dying, but I remain ever an optimist that the rich history of soaps will remain and evolve.

    In closing, I had the privilege of hanging with Vicky Wyndham in NYC and at the studio. I also was with her at Grammercy (sp?) Park in NYC with Charles Keating performing COUPLETS. A friend took several pictures of our time there. If anyone wants to see them here they are.

    The pic of Vic and me was taken by a professional media photographer.

    Thanks again for the clips... With utmost gratitude and respect,