Saturday, January 16, 2010

FLASHBACK: Marcy Walker 1985

Performers give ideas about love

By Jon-Michael Reed
Tune in Tomorrow
Apr 12, 1985

Creating sparks for a new love relationship can be one of the more revealing aspects of being a daytime serial performer. For performers Marcy Walker and A Martinez, the love duo of Eden and Cruz on SANTA BARBARA, developing their on screen romance has meant off screen soul-searching.

"It's made me reflect on how I love," says Walker, a divorcee of a six-month marriage. "I like to think Eden loves Cruz for who and what he is: an honest, dependable and tender man - and also for what he isn't, such as rich and socially prominent, which is Eden's background.

"I never played romantic roles or Latin lover types," says Martinez, who has played villains and victims in a string of TV guest roles and movies, including Beyond the Limit with Richard Gere and The Cowboys with John Wayne.

"Playing a romantic lead is a big turning point in my career. Cruz has taught me a lot about myself, such as an ability to play tender love scenes under bed covers.

"I've also learned something about love," continues the actor, who is married to a video company marketing executive whome he met while filming a movie several years ago. "Love is getting involved with someone you share a lot of common interests wtih and who is also as honest with you as they can be. I've employed a lot of tender feelings I've developed in my marriage to create Cruz's romantic interest in Eden."

Tune in tomorrow to see how far Eden and Cruz go in their romantic quest.


  1. To me, Eden and Cruz (Santa Barbara)will always be my soap's #1 couple. Their love story, like never never again!
    I would trade any soap on the air right now for Santa Barbara reruns and the joy to watch Eden and Cruz one more time.

  2. Great choice. I would have ranked her even higher, lol. Cruz and Eden were one of my favorite couples of all time. You could really see how much the actors were invested in showing how much they loved each other.

    With Angie and Jesse back on All My Children and with Tad rekindling his romance with Liza, it just makes me miss Marcy all the more.

    Does she give interviews, anymore? I'd love to see a new piece on her.

    Thanks for adding one of my favorites to your list.

  3. Marcy Walker or Marcy Smith. She was a good actress when she play Liza Colby and in Santa Barbara she was great as playing Eden... 2 good roles. I think she retire from acting and teaches ministry to kids in south or north Carolina god bless her.

  4. cruz and eden will always be my fav couple! Who did she play on BB, and what was the storyline?? Please get an interview with her!! Please!

  5. I have never been so impressed with an on-screen couple as I am with Marcy and A. They were so surreal. Everytime I watched a scene, I would say "That was the best they've ever done." And they would top that the next time - it blew my mind. And they were so giving on and off screen. A never accepted an award without saying how important Marcy was to his success. And Marcy never gave an interview where she did not speak of his contribution to her performance. Amazing actors and innately good human beings!

  6. Cruz and Eden were simply the best They gave their very best as an onscreen couple and were so real in all the scenes they played. Every time they were together in a scene, they delivered more than 100%. which honestly was puzzling sometimes. I secretly wish they were together in real life.How I miss these two and wonder how they even managed to live apart! If only they could've been re-cast in a movie or something. God bless them always.. with so much love from Kenya.