Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Susan Lucci came in at #20 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Lucci including her work on ALL MY CHILDREN.

1970: Pine Valley isn't exactly the corner of Hollywood and Vine.
1970: Erica isn't happy to see Nick.

1971: Mona and Nick's heated discussion wakes Erica.
1978: Erica and Tom get married.

1979: Erica wants Mona to keep her nose out of her private life.
1980: Erica in in New York with Brandon Kingsley.

1983: Silver frames Erica for Kent's death.

1984: Adam is upset with Erica.
1985: Adam is posing as Stuart tells Erica that Adam wants her back.

1988: Erica prepares to give birth to Bianca.
1990: For AMC's 20th anniversary, Erica remembers the past.

1994: Erica collapses in hysteria at Mona's funeral.
1995: Erica becomes a junkie.

1998: Erica needs Jack's brains.
2000: Erica can't accept the fact that her daughter might be gay.

2001: Bianca tells Erica she's proud of who she is.
2001: Erica tells Bianca that Frankie tried to score drugs.

2004: Erica's intervention.
2006: Tad tells Erica that she and Josh are a perfect DNA match.

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