Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big February Sweeps OLTL Spoilers Revealed

TV Guide Magazine has revealed details of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's big upcoming February sweeps storyline.

The auto insurance rates are about to skyrocket on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. In early February, half the characters on the ABC soap will be involved in a multi-car collision during a snowstorm on Llantano Mountain. Exec producer Frank Valentini promises the pile-up, which includes a massive explosion, “will be more epic in scale than the plane crash we staged [in 2006] and the impact more far-reaching. It’ll blow everyone’s mind.”

And there’s consider fall-out: Natalie (Melissa Archer) is severely injured and Mitch gives Jessica electro-shock therapy which so warps her brain that she psychologically regresses to her teenage years. In a nutsy twist, a still–delusional Jessica will start a new life as a student at Llanview High!

There will be twists with Stacy, Natalie, Jessica and more. Read the full details at tvguidemagazine.com.

1 comment:

  1. Ron and Frank are beyond delusional if they're actually sending Jessica to high school.. so she'll walk around Llanview High acting like she's 15 while everyone pretends not to notice that she's actually 30 like Donna Beck walking around with a doll for months like it was an actual child??

    It must be a fantasy trip while she's 'out' (from electroshock therapy!) so that she can reconnect with her feelings for Christian. I love her with "pocket Brody' but I guess that's not exciting enough.

    But maybe this is better than if they announced that they were going to reveal that Tess is the actual core personality and Jess is the alter (which the show has hinted about a few times).