AS THE WORLD TURNS Shoots Wedding in Redding, CT

The Redding Pilot has published a story about AS THE WORLD TURNS going on location to shoot the wedding of Alison Stewart and Casey Hughes last Thursday at the local First Church of Christ, Congregational.

Redding’s own Colleen Zenk Pinter, who has played Barbara Ryan on the show since 1978, was a guest at the “wedding” and is the one responsible for bringing it to the Congregational Church.

Several weeks of shooting had already taken place at a church in Brooklyn, she said. When there was, as the show’s executive producer, Chris Goutman, described “a regime change,” there was a scramble to find a similar church.

“We had already shot weeks and weeks in the bell tower in a beautiful white church,” Ms. Pinter said. When the need for another location became known, Ms. Pinter quickly said, “I’ve got the church for you.”

The scenes that were shot in Redding will air over two upcoming shows of AS THE WORLD TURNS — on Monday, Feb. 15, and Tuesday, Feb. 16.


  1. That's what I was thinking testablog. Still no darn extras. Is that Ellen Wheeler I see in the left hand corner?