Nelson's Soap Scrapbook #2 - SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1984

Nelson Aspen dug into his scrapbooks for some memorabilia from his early showbiz career in Daytime TV and shares some of his personal photos exclusively with We Love Soaps. All photos are owned by Nelson. For more of his exploits, read "Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

We continue this new series with two more photos from SEARCH FOR TOMORROW.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, 1984. Sue Scannell and Michael Corbett left SFT to head to Hollywood. Sue had a stint on DYNASTY (opposite former SFT'er John James) and Michael went to Y&R as David Kimball, a character that was a reincarnation of his SFT villain, Warren.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, 1985. The young ladies of Henderson, USA. Hanging out at Terri Eoff's apartment. Leslie Stephens, Terri Eoff, Jane Krakowski (holding Terri's poodle, "Pie") and Susan Carey Lamm.

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