Monday, January 4, 2010

50 Greatest Soap Actresses: #49 Suzanne Rogers

NAME: Suzanne Rogers
RANK: 49
SOAP ROLES: Maggie Horton, DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1973-present)

1979 Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama Series

Damon L. Jacobs: What is the secret to Suzanne's success? It's in her sincerity.  Her authenticity shines through in every episode she's been in for the past 36 years.  Whether the camera is focused on her, or whether she's in the background reacting, Suzanne is 100% there in every scene.  Her ability to make Maggie genuinely radiate love, hope, forgiveness, and optimism have had fans clamoring for her return to the front burner for over two decades now.  With any luck, 2010 is the year we will be getting our wish. 

Roger Newcomb: I have always enjoyed Suzanne's performances and she's always been one of my favorite actresses. But I gained a new respect for her in 2009 as she moved to the forefront of DAYS once again. Having Maggie on screen on a regular basis gives the show a feeling of "home" and this Emmy winner seems to get better all the time.

Thom Racina: (who wrote for Rogers on DAYS) When I remember the glory days of DOOL, what I remember most is Suzanne, a notch above most actresses in the business.

Molly Burnett: Suzanne is like my mom.  I just love her so much.  In real life I just adore her so much.  And she's so talented.  After yelling at me in a scene, they would yell, "Cut," and she says, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!" I love working with her.  Maggie took Melanie under her wing immediately just like Suzanne did with me as Molly, and this beautiful relationship developed.

Taylor Spreitler: I love her to death.  I work with Suzanne the most now, she's always the one who justifies everything I do. We have a lot of fun working together. 

We Love Soaps published a five-part interview with Rogers in October 2009.


  1. She's so underrated, has such a distinctive look, acting style, everything. She is a true actress, she never tries to trample over anyone else. She automatically uplifts any scene. Glad she's finally getting some material lately.

  2. As a new viewer to Days I have great respect for Suzanne's work on the show. I'm looking forward to see more of her.

  3. She is just the total package! She is downright gorgeous. I had the chance to see her in person and she is really a beautiful woman. I love her character, but she plays a very naive woman at times. In my opinion, she is the most sexiest woman on the show