Thursday, December 24, 2009

WLS Interview Archive: Suzanne Rogers (2009)

We Love Soaps is taking some time this Christmas to pay homage to the wonderfully talented and generous Suzanne Rogers.  The gorgeous and inspiring Emmy winning actress took time to talk with us on several occasions this past year, and we continue to be grateful for her candid and frank discussions related to Maggie Horton's evolution on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, as well as Suzanne's triumph over her own inner battles.  In case you missed it, here is a recap of the best of We Love Suzanne:

Part OneSuzanne shares aspects of her early professional life in New York, how failing a Y&R audition led to success on DAYS, and memories of her first story as Maggie.
Part Two  - She shares her highlights of Maggie’s story lines, her Emmy win, and the devastating illness that led to her leaving the show. 
Part ThreeSuzanne shares how emotional factors contributed her to her physical debilitation, and how she came fighting back. 
Part Four - Suzanne discusses the impact of Maggie's "death" on her own wellness 
Part Five - The Emmy winning actress discusses the sudden popularity of her character after 36 years on the show, hopes for Maggie's future, and hard lessons learned.  

We Love Soaps talks with Suzanne at the 36th Annual Emmy Awards
We Love Soaps talks with Suzanne at Day of DAYS event (with Molly Burnett)


  1. Thanks for the Christmas present of featuring the divine Suzanne Rogers who has been doing such wonderful work on Days. The more scenes they give her she just gets better and better.
    Now that Frances Reid is no longer able to be the town matriarch, Suzanne is the natural inheritor of that mantle. Old enough to have gravitas, but young and vital enough to play a bigger part on the Salem landscape, she is perfect for this role.
    With the rumors of a big storyline for 2010, lets hope they come up with something good because she is certainly up to it.

  2. You guys are so cute - "We Love Suzanne" is right. Happy holidays to the team. You keep us on top of all things soaptastic.

  3. We Love Suzanne ~ fabulous.

    Merry ChrisHughes to all of you at WLS!

  4. Merry christmas everyone.My grandmother loved maggie.She died in 1991.her mentally retarded son, my uncle joe also loved maggie.She is the quintessential heroine of the soaps, more beautiful now than thirty five years ago, when i started watching days at age 12.Thank god the writers realized they needed her on this show.The next step is to get bill and susan hayes back permanently.