Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEWS: Tuc, Rowell, Fox vs Time Warner, Ripa

Battle lines deepen in Fox, Time Warner Cable feud
What began as an impasse yesterday became a full-fledged war between Time Warner Cable and News Corp.'s Fox, as both sides sought to position the other as responsible for the increasingly likely blackout of the broadcast network at midnight. With just hours remaining before Fox could go dark on Time Warner cable systems, both camps dispensed with the pleasantries that came to define the negotiations of what many see as a precedent-setting retransmission agreement.

A look at the top 10 series of the decade
3. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC). No other series has ever captured the uniqueness of small-town life quite like this, from the political side of a high-school football team to the coming of age of the players who are revered as rock stars.

VIDEO: Victoria Rowell named worst dressed celeb of 2009
THE INSIDER didn't like her Barack Obama dress.

Tuc Watkins will be back on OLTL in January
You can start looking for him in mid-January.

INTERVIEW: AMC's Kelly Ripa (returning as Hayley next week)
"It makes me sick to my stomach. I’m upset for the crew guys whom I love and adore. I’m upset for all the actors in New York who used to get so much work out of AMC. A lot of people got their big starts there. The state of soaps in general makes me sad, so going back to AMC was bittersweet, exciting, nerve-wracking, all of it combined."

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