Sunday, December 20, 2009

James Franco Hosts Last SNL of the Decade

GENERAL HOSPITAL guest star James Franco hosted the final original SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE of the decade last night. His opening monologue poked fun at his role on GH, saying that everyone thought it was a step backwards in his career, including the GH cast. He said the idea was random drawn from all the idea slips he received throughout the year.

There was a time when I was in the movies, then I took a break to go to college, and now I'm on the soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL. I'm not kidding this time, I'm actually on GENERAL HOSPITAL. I've been on it for the last month. Let's see a clip! (Maxie and Franco clip shown) There I am. Wide awake I might ad. A lot of people say being on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a major step backward careerwise, you know, people like my family, my agents, the other people on GENERAL HOSPITAL. But there's a logic to it. You see every move I make in my career is part of a strategy I have. Could you bring out the bin? (Idea bin rolled out) This bin is filled with idea slips that people give me throughout the year when I ask them for career advice. Every year I pick a few idea slips and do whatever they say.

Franco was funny throughout including a skit with an overly affectionate family that kept kissing each other.


Kissing Family

Christmas Tree Lot

Lawrence Welk Cold Open

Vincent Price Christmas


  1. I watched the whole show wondering what is his appeal? He is never clever, cute or charming. He constantly plays a guy who is either odd, dumb or stoned.

    I don't know if GH is a step backward or one of few future options for this one trick pony.

  2. I think he is cute and charming, I guess it is in the eye of the beholder.

    I thought he did great. the opening monologue was my favorite part thanks to the Maxie/Franco clip and all the GH mentions and his idea bin.

    The Jammies digital short was my
    2nd favorite part, weird but funny.

    I loved the family kissing everyone, hysteric and the christmas tree lot.

    The opening skit was good as well, with JF singing and Kristen Wiig with really small hands.

    I didn't like the Vincent Price one, it went on too long and it wasn't funny.

    Muse rocked!!!

  3. OK, now I feel guilty for being so hard on Mr. Franco.

    However, I do think there is something homophobic about the kissing family.