Sunday, December 20, 2009

NEWS: Anthony Herrera, JKJ, Don Diamont, Non-Cable

'World' still turns for soap star Anthony Herrera (ex-James)
"Anthony brings a tremendous amount of professionalism and a charming disposition to that role," says Maria Wagner, a director on As The World Turns for three decades. "James Stenbeck is a bad guy who felt every wrong thing he did was for the good of his family. Anthony really brought that out in the character. He loved his family - and tortured his family by doing so."

Herrera refuses to acknowledge Stenbeck as a villain. "He is a European aristocrat. I've known some of those guys. You think laws mean anything to them? James looked at most people as though they were real stupid. If he wanted something they had, he took it. But he also felt justified ... that he was right in his heart, soul and mind. James Stenbeck is a wonderful guy."

DAYS star Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) likes cast integration
"I like that the writers have been integrating a lot of the characters. It’s smart writing to mix it up. It’s a small town, considering there are three places that we go. I mean, you’re bound to run into someone you know at the Brady Pub, right? And at the Kiriakis mansion, I think we have at least 20 people living there."

Decade included growth of cable and reality, and viewer control of timeslots
Some things never change: A decade later, the networks are still struggling with relevancy -- but beyond that, very little looks the same. According to Nielsen, viewers are watching more TV than ever. But they're watching less broadcast TV and they're time-shifting more of that content than ever, as well as viewing it on other platforms. From technological advances to economic woes, it was a tumultuous decade for the biz.

B&B's Don Diamont happy with the writing for Bill
"When you have a character like Bill, one who you want to be a romantic leading man, and he is that cutthroat, that makes it challenging. It makes the relationship that much more dynamic, and I think the writers are doing an incredible job with this. Whether Katie wants to admit it or not, she is enthralled by this guy, and the way that he wields his power and his influence. There is that place in her where she wishes she could be more like him."

Nearly 30% of America Uses Non-Cable Delivery Systems
The Television Bureau of Advertising, using Nielsen Media Research data, has determined that 29.3% of the country is currently receiving television from alternative delivery systems -- non-cable outlets such as satellite and IPTV, reports MediaPost. That figure is up from 28.7% in November 2008.

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