Monday, December 14, 2009

Executive Producer Chris Goutman on ATWT's Cancellation

Christopher Goutman, executive producer of AS THE WORLD TURNS, has spoken to TV Guide Magazine about the show's cancellation.

Was this out of the blue for you?
It’s a shame and it’s a shock because we absolutely thought we had a shot at another year. Our show is not ready to go because, creatively, we’re on a roll. We still have exciting stories in the works and we’re sticking to them. We’re not ready to start inviting back old favorites and do the nostalgia thing.

So how do you proceed from here? TeleNext has announced that it will try to place the show elsewhere, but that may not be your ultimate reality.
We just continue to tell good stories and we’ll see how the efforts go in terms of shopping the show around. There will be plenty of time to bring in whomever we want from the past. I think we’re in a very, very good place and we’re excited by everything that’s going on, but the numbers in November just didn’t budge. Listen, all the soaps are facing competition from game shows and talk shows that have different business models. We’re a labor-intensive enterprise and we cost more money—that’s basically it. The bottom line is the profit margin and that’s what we’re all fighting. But I do believe there is still an audience for this show.

Goutman also confirmed what We Love Soaps reported first over the weekend, the show is looking for a new (and aged) Faith Snyder.

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  1. I'm glad the show is not going down the nostalgia route yet! Keep the stories going, try to find a new home, don't give up yet.

  2. I agree. It's too early to tell if the show is actually going to end. I'm not ready for nostalgia yet either - keep moving forward. Having said that, I would like to see who they still have on the show: Lisa, Kim, Bob, Lucinda and Emma (I'd love to see more Nancy but the poor woman looks as if she's barely hanging on the few times a year we DO see her - she never moves out of the chair for cryin out loud). However, characters that haven't aired since the 60's or 70's - Penny, the we-haven't-seen-them-in-25-years-Lowell clan, the old Stewart's, Snyder's etc. Bring them in that last month but otherwise, let them RIP