Ashley Marie Greiner Off AS THE WORLD TURNS

The Snyder family Christmas episode will be Ashley Marie Greiner's last as Faith Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS. The talented 14-year-old actress taped her final scenes in October.

This would have been sad news even without the cancellation of the soap, but knowing what we know now, it's even worse. It seems we'll either have no Faith or an aged Faith, which isn't exactly what I was hoping for heading into the final nine months of the show. As a lifelong fan I'm longing for familiar faces as the lives of the Oakdalians are wrapped up in September 2010, not new actors or missing in action characters.

Greiner has played Ashley since 2006 and has really blossomed into a beautiful young lady during that time. Her Faith had wonderful chemistry with the entire Snyder family especially Van Hansis' Luke. Faith's relationship with Parker was realistic and sweet and, quite honestly, much more appealing than seeing Parker in a sexual relationship with Liberty. There was much potential for a wonderful teen storyline there.

Perhaps the cancellation news will change the soap's mind on this and other fronts. One can only hope.


  1. This means we'll at least have 2 months without any signs of Faith. It wouldn't surprise me if they eventually brought her back and nixed whatever plans they had for the character. I have a feeling they would have SORASed her, but since it's not like AMG is an expensive actress to keep around, they could change their minds going into the final stretch.

    It would also be nice if they eventually brought JJ back. Their explanations on the show are quite lame. Same with Daniel. All the kids should return to Oakdale, even if we only see them on occasion.

  2. Since she's been missing, I had a feeling this was coming. At least we see her for Christmas. However if they plan on recasting Liberty, I say drop that and keep Ashley as Faith. The Ciccones don't have the history. Give her a story with Parker. Doesn't need to be romantic but there is too much history not to have her around. In all these years they have yet to address the fact she originally was switched at birth and temporarily raised by David Stenbeck. I'd love for that to come up as David promised us it would lol.

  3. This news makes me sad. You are right it would have been sad even without the news of the show's cancellation. I thought Ashley did a great job as Faith, and I think she had incredible chemistry with her fellow cast members especially Van. Watching Faith and Luke together was always a treat and I was looking forward to more moments between them.

    Especially with this being the last nine months of the show, I wish ATWT would reverse their decision and keep Ashley. IT would be a disservice to start throwing new characters at us when we are gearing up for our show to come to an end. Familiar faces are the key, and Faith is an important part of the Snyder family and i don't think the character needs to be aged any.

    I hope that maybe they will reconsider. The snyders need a big huge story before the world stops turning and Faith needs to be a part of it...ashley's faith.

  4. this is wrong she is the best person to play the character of faith snyder. I love her scenes with van(luke) they work well together. I hope the show changes their minds especially if they are not going to be on anymore i would rather it end with a faith we all know and love, and that faith can only be played by ashley.

  5. I am also saddened by this news. Her scenes with Luke definitely were some of her best, but she also was often a much-needed voice of reality for Lily.



    Move in with Holden since lilly is with damien.
    What about Her helping Noah, she can give him a kick in the butt to get him off the pitty party. actually now that noah is at a rehab center Luke needs his sister more than ever.

    how is natalie and ethan suppose to ajust to holden and lilly split without FAITH!
    The writer's are crazy to age her up.

  7. This is bad news. I love Ashley as Faith. Her scenes with Luke were the best, but I always enjoyed her scenes with anyone.

  8. This is profoundly confusing. Here is a young talented dynamic actress who can hold her own with pretty much any adult in the room. It seemed like she was being groomed to be the next Sami Brady in the way she reacted to catching Lily and Damian have sex. Why would they dump this rare gem of a child actor?

  9. Ashley is enormously talented. I do, however, believe that the writers wrote her character to behave too smart-alecky & way too disrespectfully to her parents. I would never have gotten away with the smart-aleck back talk that the soap's writers let Faith Snyder get away with!

  10. @Greeneb2 But in fairness to Faith...your parents would never have gotten away with what Faith's parents have. More often than not, she's the mature one in those scenes.

    That aside, I'm going to miss Ashley in particular, and Faith assuming she's AWOL. Ashley was a young actress who had only just started to really come into her own on the show. Dumb decision by ATWT.

  11. This makes no sense at all. Ashley's Faith is so much more real than the Liberty character. It is such a shame that ATWT is going to age her. If JJ ever shows up, I bet he will not be the same person and will properly be aged as well. AMG brought such a freshness to Faith, when she was on. I will miss her.