Monday, November 9, 2009

WLS Review: The Troubadours of Daytime

If you want to learn the history of the traditional function of the “troubadour,” you will find much information about composers and musical performers in the 12th and 13th centuries who sang of chivalry, romance, and courtly love. They frequently utilized song lyrics to tell stories, and often elected to use satire and vulgarity to illustrate their comical and meaningful messages.

Today you need not look any farther than Los Angeles to find Judith Chapman’s theater company “The Troubadours of Daytime” in order to be entertained, amused, and elated. Working with a rotating ensemble which includes Christian LeBlanc, Emily O'Brien, Michelle Stafford, Alley Mills, and Greg Rikaart, Ms. Chapman is energizing and invigorating the stages of The Rogue Machine Theater with tales of love, loss, and hope. I had the opportunity to attend their recent reading of Tennessee Williams' "The Night of the Iguana" and was fortunate to witness first hand how this talented company breathed new life into this classic work. As Ms. Chapman shared with me in a recent interview, “TOD” will be continuing to perform more work in the Los Angeles area, and will be raising funds for charities along the way.

Best of all, each performance is followed by a champagne reception where the audience members get to talk with the performers in the play. If you’re lucky like me, you may get a chance to also rub elbows with Jeannie Cooper, John McCook, David Lago, or even Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin. Where else are you going to get all this entertainment, raise money for a worthy cause, and hang out with your favorite stars?

S.A.S.S. [Short Attention Soap Summary]

WHAT IS IT: Judith Chapman, best known to soap fans as the delightfully devious Gloria on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as well as her roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, RYAN'S HOPE and AS THE WORLD TURNS, has formed a theater company comprised of theater and soap actors who present original plays and raise money for charities.

WHY SOAP FANS WILL LOVE IT: You have the opportunity to see some of your favorite daytime performers shine in a different light and display skills you didn’t know they had.

BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy watching these talents on TV, then just wait until you see them from arm’s distance on the stage. Plus, you never know if you’re going to turn around and see Jeannie Cooper, Nadia Bjorlin, or other daytime favorites sitting right next to you.

VERDICT: Great theater PLUS champagne with Judith Chapman and Christian LeBlanc? You won’t have this much fun anywhere else!


  1. It sounds like a fun time was had by all. Iguana is one of my favorite plays by Williams. Did Christian play Reverend Shannon?

  2. Damon: Who is that with you and Christian? Looks familiar but I can't place him.

  3. Hi Greeneb2! Yes, Christian tore it UP as Reverend Shannon. It was truly amazing how he channeled the part of such a tortured and conflicted soul.

    And Dwight - that actor is named Carlos Mendez. He played one of Judith Chapman's man-servants in the play. He is one of MANY reasons to keep coming to these shows.

  4. Danke, Damon! I would say so. I'm swooning. :)