Monday, November 9, 2009

THE SOAPGEIST: Best Y2K Female Performances

"The Soapgeist", a weekly column from TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, is out and he has started his look at the top shows, actors, couples and storylines of the decade. This week he names "Crystal Chappell as Olivia finally revealed she loved Natalia on GL" as the top female performance from the new millennium. Do you agree? I'll have to think more about the whole decade. Martha Byrne as Rose/Lily was pretty awesome. Colleen Zenk Pinter when Barbara blew up in the boathouse was riveting. If we're looking at individual performances Genie Francis, Julia Barr, Marcy Walker, Finola Hughes, Eileen Davidson, Tamara Braun, Kassie DePaiva, Juliet Mills, and several others had standout moments. Tough call!

In the weekly Nelson Ratings, he named the top shows, storylines and more including this hilarious shout out:

Top 3 Duos to Watch:
1. Carly and Bo, DAYS
2. Fish and Kyle, ONE LIFE
3. Michael Park and Roger Newcomb, WE LOVE SOAPS TV


  1. AGREED! Crystal better get an Emmy for her portrayal of Olivia this year! Damn! that woman can act.

  2. I agree! Crystal's performance was awesome!

  3. top female performance of the decade??? I don't agree with Nelson.

  4. Totally agree with Nelson for picking Crystal. The memory of those scenes will stay with me for a long time to come. And I agree with Kiran, she better get that Emmy for her performance on GL.

  5. Hands down Crystal Chappell!

    The woman is auh-mazing at what she does.

  6. Oh yes ITA, honestly there’re just so many of them... Other scenes that stands out for me as well was when Natalia left her, crystal gave us this raw, painful, desperate moments…just wow! Crystal has been on fire since 2008 (when Olivia was dying); she should’ve gotten that Emmy. Thank G*d for Ytube, I can watch the whole story over and over again!