Sunday, November 8, 2009

WE LOVE SOAPS TV Extra: VENICE's Jessica Leccia

We Love Soaps west coast correspondent Stephanie Burke recently visited the set of VENICE and spoke with several members of the cast including Jessica Leccia (Ani). We debuted a portion of the interview on the new episode of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, but you can watch the complete interview below.


  1. Awww...the lovely Jessica....she is just the sweetest. Thanks for the interview guys :-)

  2. Sabina, the sound is okay for me. What web browser are you using?

  3. Who do we have to bribe to get Jessica Leccia on another soap? I can't handle not having her on my TV screen on a regular basis.

    Thanks, WLS, for the interview with JL and the rest of the VENICE group. I really liked the one with Nadia, too, since I know nothing about her. She seems nice and, you know, moderately attractive(!).

  4. Thanks Ms. Jessica Leccia for showing so much love to your fans and doing Venice.

    Totally agree with Tanzania, hope Ms. Leccia grace the tv screen soon!

    WLS enjoying all these wonderful interviews.