Friday, October 23, 2009

The Mustache Returns! Braeden & Sony Come To Terms

Okay YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS fans, you can sleep easy tonight. According to, Eric Braeden and Sony have come to terms on a deal that will allow the actor to remain with the soap.

Braeden, who has played Victor Newman on the show since 1980, opted to leave a few weeks ago after producer Sony Pictures Television asked all cast and crew to take major pay cuts. In the actor's case, that mean a reduction from around $1.5 million per year to around $1 million.

His last airdate was scheduled for November 2. No word yet on just how long Victor will be off the canvas. has more of the story.

“We’re very happy that Eric will be remaining with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS,” according to a CBS statement. “Victor Newman has been an important part of the Genoa City canvas for nearly 30 years, and we know our audience will be tuning in to see what his plans are next.”

Executive Producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell released her own statement, as well: “We are thrilled to have Eric Braeden continue as the one and only Victor Newman. We look forward to his timely return … and we are delighted that Eric will continue his extraordinary work on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.”

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  1. Much ado about nothing. Personally I was kinda looking forward to a Victor free Genoa city

  2. I'm not sure why, but I can't but laugh at this entire Braeden/Sony fiasco.

  3. Praise Heaven! I'm sorry for the pain it took to get to this point.

  4. You go out for Thai food and look what happens!

    I wonder if Braeden using the press worked in his favor in some way?

    So glad he is back. Now let's put these MTS rumors to bed and pretend this never happened.

  5. Excellent news!!!!

  6. Geez Roger, maybe if you went out to Thai food more often there'd be peace in the Middle East.

    It seems like in the long run this will be a win-win situation. Braeden used the media to help him AND get worldwide publicity for Y&R that would normally cost millions of dollars.

    Not bad for a man who gets mistaken for Burt Reynold, eh?

  7. Here's the main reason I'm over-joyed.

    More ERIC BRAEDEN SOD covers for Roger to enjoy!

    PS can't wait for Doug Davidson Part 2 (hint). But Damon, those Zeman interviews are even more compelling than the Rogers interviews. You two are on an amazing roll.

  8. Mark, I'll try to publish more Davidson on Saturday since it is his birthday!

  9. Seriously, Sony, CBS and Young and Restless used this whole situation as free press. Look at the Press it got with Jess and Melody.

    Plus Eric Takes a Vacation Every year, He hasn't taken his this year.

    I didn't buy this for one minute.

  10. Nah, this doesn't seem like a Sony publicity game. Braeden denounced Sony to anyone who would hear him. There's controversy that works for you and there's the stuff that makes you look bad.

    The article in the wrap that revealed Newman's original salary and new rate sounds like a deliberate attempt by Sony insiders to make Braeden look bad.

    Again, who blinked? If Braeden walked, did Sony go back to him with a personal phone call instead of email? Did the network get involved?

    Y&R is not Days. John & Marlena had been on and off canvas previously. Victor has been a constant for 30 years. He serves a different purpose than either of those characters.

    W/o Victor, the Newman family if toothless. The show also would lack a proper villain. No matter how you slice it, Victor is a villain. He may do some decent things but he's a bastard.

    Unfortunately, Sony and the writers also made Victor into an accomplice to murder and assault to ruin the character to justify an exit by Victor/Braeden. There doesn't seem to be any attempt to hold him to justice if Victor just reunites with Nikki.

  11. Bummer I actually was looking forward to a Victorless Y&R they've wrote his character into a corner so badly lately expecially this last time with the death of Colleen. Yea it doesnt look good when they say his current salary is 1.5 million and they wanted to lower it to just 1 million.

  12. Soapfan78, you totally see things the way they are, IMO

  13. Does this mean Victor goes into a coma and wakes up with amnesia, thinking he and Nikki are still married and Adam is his favorite son?

  14. I wanted a TGVN-free Y&R too. And Braeden's bitching and moaning in public about his pay cut so he could subsist on a mere $1M in this economic climate is just plain distasteful.

    He's also a liar. So much for that "I pulled the plug..." rhetoric.

  15. you mean I don't even get a break from him?? Damn. I was really looking forward to Victor-free time.

  16. I am so very happy that Victor is staying!!!