Friday, October 16, 2009

'End of Road' For Y&R's Eric Braeden

Entertainment Weekly's Lynette Rice has an update on the Eric Braeden story and it's not good for Victor Newman fans.

Genoa City fans who were holding out hope that Victor Newman will stay should start prepping their goodbyes now: Eric Braeden told exclusively today that “it’s the end of the road” and he’s “pulled the plug” on any more talks to stay on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. In September, Braeden walked off the set of the soap that he’s called home since 1980 after an ugly contract negotiation with Sony. The production company wanted Braeden, 68, to take a pay cut but the actor opted to leave, instead. He told EW that he’s since made one more offer to reduce his salary but the studio wouldn’t budge, so his last appearance on the soap will air Nov. 2.

“We reached an impasse in the negotiations,” Braeden told “I have shown flexibility, they have shown none. It is over. I pulled the plug. That’s it. No more. If I show good will, I expect it to be reciprocated. If there is a rigid attitude on the other side, what is there to to negotiate? That’s a sign of utter disrespect. I will not negotiate with people who remain aloof and arrogant about the whole thing. Not after 30 years, I won’t do that. I’m saying this with a great amount of sadness because I’ve had nothing but respect for my fellow cast members, I have deep respect for the crew who has done an extraordinary job year in and year out, and I have enormous respect for (head writer) Maria Bell.”

Braeden said he’s exploring new opportunities but declined to elaborate. “It’s slowly sinking in (that I’m leaving),” said Braeden. “It’s sad.”

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  1. Another brilliant move from CBS in their quest to kill soaps. I'm not a current Y&R fan but I know what a blow this will be to the show. It took a while after the networks were purchased by big conglomerate for corporate idiocy to take over but it's finally in full Bloom. Kudos to Mr. Braeden for not bending over and taking it after 30 years of faithful service.