Saturday, September 26, 2009

HOTLINE: What Have You Learned From Soaps?

On "We Love Soaps Radio" Episode #12, I mentioned having learned two very important lessons this week from daytime soaps:

1. If you're being held captive and can get away, LEAVE! (courtesy of Colleen on Y&R) And if you get hold of the gun, make sure you actually take it with you (courtesy of Holden on ATWT).

2. If you're gonna have steamy grief sex with children in the house, at least LOCK the friggin' door! (courtesy of Lily and Damian on ATWT)

How about you WLS readers? What valuable life lessons have you learned from the soaps? Please call us at 1-877-302-6854 and leave a message explaining what the soaps have taught you recently or in the past. The best responses will be featured on Episode #13 of "We Love Soaps Radio" on September 29, 2009. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]. I can't wait to hear your wisdom!


  1. Pity sex will make you pregnant EVERY time.

  2. I learned that if you are Erica Kane you can take on a bear, LOL

  3. DNA tests are not the definitive answer on who your biological parent is. Too many people can switch the samples!

  4. I learned:

    A. From OLTL- If all else fails in my career there's always a job opening as the police chief.

    B. From Y&R - Don't marry a rich guy - they have no household staff to clean up those big mansions - he'll let his grown kids move in - and it will drive you straight to the loony bin.

    C. From AMC - always to remember to add a secret room to any remodeling job around the house.

  5. From ATWT: You can't die from falling from somewhere high. (Paul, Holden, James & Eb)

    From AMC: Always ask if there's poison is part of the ingredients when served pancakes.

  6. I love that screencap of Lily, Damian and Faith. The picture of Holden on the bedside table is the best part. Lol

  7. Soaps has taught me the term "SORAS" and that in a blink of an eye you can go from a baby to a teenager!

  8. Per AMC- abortions aren't final. That child may still be out there.