Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #12

On Episode #12 of “We Love Soaps Radio,” Newcomb, Jacobs and Soap Opera Weekly's Mala Bhattacharjee discuss the GUIDING LIGHT finale as well as all the latest hot topics from the soap world and offer hope with two new soaps. We also preview our interview with James DePaiva.

Episode #12 includes:
- The good and bad of the GUIDING LIGHT finale
     * Favorite moments
     * Unexpected twists
     * Feelings on the Otalia storyline

- Which soap actor has appeared on the most daytime soap opera finales?

- A preview of our interview with former ONE LIFE TO LIVE star James DePaiva (ex-Max) as he talks about his upcoming musical, how the character of Max evolved over the years, the demise of GUIDING LIGHT and the current state of soaps.

- Hot Topics from the world of soaps including:
    * ATWT's Lily sleeps with Damian
    * Y&R's Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
    * George and Barbara (Fish) visit OLTL
    * AMC's dance marathon and Erica's epiphany
    * B&B's Marcus has two fathers
    * The non-impact of the carnival on GH

- The "Smartest Line of the Week"


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- James DePaiva's "Under Fire"
- Mala's blog at SoapOperaWeekly.com


  1. Actually, Marcus has 3 daddies:

    1. Bio dad Justin

    2. Adoptive father Walton

    3. Would-be adoptive father Eric.

    This is a crappy story because it trashes Marcus' relationship with his Walton family. Why would an adopted child who had a good relationship with his adoptive parents who raised him from infancy toss them them away for a new adoptive father he's known for 2 years? Ridiculous? Insulting? Yep!

  2. Hey guys just listened to the show and I loved it. First it was nice to hear Mala talking with you guys thats always great. I agreed with most of your points about everything and I think it's just great to hear you guys talk about the issues with soaps and everything. great interview with Jimmy depaiva too Damon it was awesome.