Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Love Soaps Fantasy Football League All Set

The We Love Soaps Fantasy Football League is now full and it should be a fun season of trash talking about football and soaps. My New York Parrots will be facing the Springfield Jellybeans come opening week so look out! The other week one matchups include Restless Warriors vs. Soaps-Now Kishes, Charlotte Twaddlini vs. Georgia Opus, Llantano County Bukes vs. Naptown Naturals, and Real Man of Genius vs. Team G-town gansters. The draft will be held on September 8.


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  2. I answered my own question about this--sounded interesting--by finding more info on your website. I incorrectly thought it might have to do with choosing actual soap opera stars to be on a football team--silly me. I know nothing about professional football. However, if you do a Fantasy Baseball League next year, I might be interested.