Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ROMANOVICH: Final Emmy Ratings, Brad Bell, 2010

ATI's Jim Romanovich has shared the final ratings for Sunday night's Daytime Emmy telescast as well as an update on the Brad Bell speech audio/video and the 2010 ceremony.

The final, final ratings numbers are finally in. This is direct from Nielsen:

The Daytime Emmy Awards averaged 2.7 million total viewers, 2.0/3 in HH, 0.9/2 in W18-49, 1.1/3 in W25-54, 0.5/1 in A18-34, and 0.6/2 in A18-49. This pretty much matches the fast national ratings we received yesterday morning. However, the national ratings up +14% in A25-54 (0.7/2 vs. 0.8/2).

This is pretty close to what I said we had this morning. In the case of our show, the ratings didn’t matter. Re-read my interview with Roger right here at WLS. The show was on. It was classy, entertaining and Daytime got a chance to reinvigorate itself. The audience was very upbeat. The look and energy of the show as well as exuberance of all who attended was the first time in a long time of their feeling that what they did mattered.

And it was sold out!

You’ll notice the 4 minute GUIDING LIGHT Farewell is on YouTube and on Michael Fairman’s site. He was kind enough to call me to ask if he could put this up for the fans and we were absolutely happy to oblige as Michael did an outstanding job for us and was invaluable in this segment. The fans deserve it as well.

It looks like we may have a camera shot of Brad Bell’s acceptance speech, but we’re checking the video and audio. If so, you can look for it on B&B’s website soon.

Welcome to the future of soaps. This IS how you’re going to watch them one day, let me assure you! If you’re not already.

2010 is already in motion. There will be no fast decisions on anybody’s part. But, there’s chatter.

And something else is in the works that may interest a lot of soap fans greatly. I’ll let you know either way when I can.

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