Friday, September 18, 2009

Suds Report: Minshew, Kaye, Born, Dusay, Rauch

In his weekly "Suds Report" column for TV Guide Canada, Nelson Branco covers the following headlines and more:

- Is Y&R recasting Victor “Freakin’” Newman?

- Roscoe Born back on ONE LIFE!

- AMC courting Marj Dusay? Vincent Irizarry not moving to L.A.!

- Is Y&R recasting Shemar Moore?

- Are three actors preventing Rowell’s Y&R return?

Also, check out Branco's interview with Y&R co-executive producer Paul Rauch here.

When you have the acting chops like an Eric Braeden or a Melody Thomas Scott and you have a question about a storyline or scene, then I think they have every right to ask to talk to the head writer or producer. For the most part, actors do treat the material with respect — especially on Y&R. Listen, every actor at one point in their career will express doubt over the material, but it’s more on a case-by-case basis. If they are serious actors, and you respect them, and I do, you listen because sometimes they are right or can offer you an insight you never saw before.

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