Friday, September 18, 2009

Saluting the GUIDING LIGHT Fans

The fans of GUIDING LIGHT have proven to be some of the most loyal, dedicated and positive group of people I've ever seen. I have never seen fans of a daytime soap campaign this hard to keep a show alive, or create so many tributes and websites and podcasts and videos and images to help promote a show.

A fabulous group of fans gathered in Warrington, PA this morning to watch the final episode together (as well as to celebrate the upcoming web series VENICE). The photo above was taken at the event. Thanks to Michele for letting me know.

The video below is of fans watching the finale (don't watch if you don't want to be spoiled).

Watch the CBS 3 video story from today's fan gathering.


  1. Thanks, Roger. They can't take Guiding Light from out of our hearts.

  2. I'm a 17yr fan of GL (3rd generation), and I know that doesn't compare to some people (I'm only 25, I can only remember as far back as 8, what can I say!!!), but I love this show more than any show I've ever watched in my entire life (And I'm a TV Junkie!). I was REALLY happy and proud of the last week that Guiding Light gave us. I feel that it respected history and really helped fans like me say goodbye to the show. My eyes got glossy on Tues/Wed, but I didn't cry b/c I hardly ever do. Even on today's episode I didn't cry. It wasn't until afterwards, when I paused on "The End" with Josh/Reva riding off with the LIGHTHOUSE in the background that I FINALLY broke down for 1/2 hr. I really want to acknowledge the TPBP for ending this beloved show with a proper ending...


    Beth,her siter's Chrissy & Michelle, her Mother Diane, and her Grandmother Helen...