Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soaps & Football: A Perfect Combination

What's better than soap operas and football? Well, that may not be the perfect combination for everyone, but it certainly is for me. And a number of soap stars feel the same way. I never miss a chance to talk pro football with Kim Zimmer, who is a diehard Jets fan. Tom Pelphrey loves his Giants. But since today is the first full day of the new college football season, what are the soap stars who are fans talking about? Check out the round-up below.

In an interview with's Michael Rothstein, former GUIDING LIGHT Emmy nominee Nicole Forester (ex-Cassie) explains why she is a fan of the Big Blue in an article titled, "Why I Love College Sports: Actress Nicole Forester."

My husband (Paul Brown) and I just relocated to Michigan. We’re both from Michigan originally and I was actually born in Ann Arbor. I was born in the old St. Joe’s Hospital and we were expecting our first and we actually had her in the new St. Joe’s Hospital. So that’s what brought us back to the Ann Arbor area and my husband also to U of M undergrad and my dad went to Michigan, my older brothers went to Michigan, I’m in fact the only member of my family who didn’t go to U of M so it was about time I spent some time in Ann Arbor. My husband is also a huge sports enthusiast so he’s the one who brought me to my first football game last season and to a bunch of basketball games and we went to the Michigan-Western hockey game and even to a gymnastics meet. So he was dead-set on bringing me to every game possible this season so we’ll be there on Saturday.

As a Michigan fan myself, it is nice to find a fellow supporter. But then there are the dreaded Ohio State fans like GH's Tyler Christopher and Derk Cheetwood who have been tweeting today during OSU's near defeat by Navy.

@Tyler2929 (Tyler Christopher) When is someone going 2 hold Jim Tressell responsible for trying 2 recessitate the 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense. Its gone on enough. You have the best all around athlete in the country in Terrell Pryor and that is how you utilize him? No wonder we cant get a blue chip passer to come. BECAUSE WE DONT THROW THE $#@!&*^ BALL. EVER!

@DerkCheetwood (Derk Cheetwood) Man we gotta clean it way up if we even think we are going to have a shot at the Big Ten this year!!

I love reading the frustration in their tweets! I am not expecting Michigan to win the Big Ten this year, but I'll take anyone other than Ohio State!

And then you have the USC contingent led by GH's Brandon Barash.

BrandonBarash (Brandon Barash) My Trojans up 28-3 at the half....whassup now sukkahzzz!!!! College football is back!!!

What Barash said - College football is back!!!

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