Monday, September 14, 2009

RESULTS: We Love Soaps "Soap of the Week" Poll

Here are the results from the We Love Soaps "Soap of the Week" poll for the week of September 7-11, 2009. The top four soap remained the same. After watching this week's soaps, check back on Friday night when we do it all again.

Here is break down of the U.S. votes state-by-state.


  1. It's great that GL has been number one for the last 2 weeks, but it's getting canceled :( This is such a sad time for so many of us GL fans and the actors. My hope is that somebody will pick this soap up and carry on in 2010! :)

  2. How is it that OLTL is in 2nd place when it has only 3 states on the map? I've not figured out how your poll works I guess.

    Also, I think GL has been #1 for a lot more than 2 weeks, but of course this is it's swan song.

    I think I offended a lot of people a few days ago with a post about GL getting so much coverage on the blogs and I'm sorry for that. I didn't mean to diss all the GL fans...I used to watch it when I was growing up too...but according to all the posts I've seen out there, the show had become crap since Ellen Wheeler became EP, so I was looking at more recent scentiments rather that the history of the show. Of course I hate the fact that a soap is going off the makes it that much more scarry for all our shows.

  3. Sally, the rankings are for all the votes from all over. Y&R seems to win several states, but they tend to be the smaller states with less total votes, whereas OLTL does well in bigger states with more votes even if they finish 2nd in those states. Hopefully that makes sense.

  4. Hey Sally! Thank you for your post, and your follow up. We are paying loving respect to the whole 72 years, not just the past 18 months. I appreciate you weighing in and hope you'll continue to leave us comments.