Monday, September 21, 2009

News Round-up: Rickitt, FNL, Lesbian Love in the Afternoon

Lesbian Love in the Afternoon: Queer Women on American Daytime Dramas
Fictional small American soap towns such as Pine Valley, Springfield, and Llanview have historically dabbled in social angst as it relates to abortion, war, and AIDS, but until recently, have avoided directly addressing homosexuality and same-sex relationships, as if shooting an unscripted pregnancy behind a laundry basket.

This has changed in the last decade or so, however, as a few American daytime dramas have introduced gay and lesbian characters, and achieved several important "firsts" in the portrayal of same-sex relationships.

Obama dress: An Emmy winner? (Poll)
Victoria Rowell's Primetime Emmy dress is getting some attention in various newspapers and websites this morning.

Demise of broadcast TV was a hot topic at Emmys
"Amy (Poehler) and I are honored to be presenting on the last official year of network broadcast television," presenter Julia Louis-Dreyfus said.

"That joke is just for the 5,000 people in this room, not for the 5,000 people watching at home," presenter Ricky Gervais quipped.

Jim Parsons on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS? If he had his way
In a recent interview, THE BIG BANG THEORY actor was asked about his favorite current show -- other than his own -- and he said it was FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. "I don't have a specific pitch for a role that I've had in mind, but that's a damn fine show with some damn fine acting on it. Bravo. I am from Texas and think they've captured something about it perfectly."

Adam Rickitt 'injured in hit and run'
The former Coronation Street actor used his online video diary to discuss the incident, which occurred when he was walking his dog in Auckland, New Zealand earlier this month. Addressing his fans, he revealed: "[I] got run over by some complete arse. My whole arm has basically got enormous bruising."


  1. While it was vey funny to see people pokey fun on the emmy (i found it hysterical), one has to wonder what CBS reaction is. I also counted 4 references to the option to watch football instead (i didnt even watch the whole thing) and NPH , who did a gr8 job hosting, opened with a musical number that reminded us we could b dvring or watching later online. I lmao but as a net exec acknowledging that trend in viewer habits cant make CBS happy.

  2. DJ, I was watching both. I have two TVs in my sports room and had them both on and just muted one or the other. I thought it as interesting to mention the football as well, especially since the Emmy ratings have been getting worse over the years. But in general I was very happy with NPH as the host and thought most of the jokes that were supposed to be funny were actually funny (which isn't always the case at these things).

  3. Roger,

    You often feature news about foreign soaps, like Coronation Street or, in this posting, Shortland Street.

    Do you think one of the networks might air an international, English-language soap? I'm curious about what the networks, or local channels, could do program their new digital sub-channels. I'd imagine that by broadcast rights for a UK, New Zealand, or Aussie soap would be cheap.

    Back in the 1980s, I remember that WGN used to air Prisoner: Cell Block H. It aired late night at 10.30/11.30PM and quite different from U.S. soaps but very familiar. (I would watch it sometimes with my mom.)

  4. EASTENDERS, HOLLYOAKS and CORONATION STREET have all been aired in some capacity here. EASTENDERS airs on my local PBS station at the moment. BBC America aired HOLLYOAKS for a while. I suspect it didn't do too well because it didn't last that long, moving online. But I do wish they were available on a cable station.