Monday, September 21, 2009

More GOTHAM Casting News: Michael Park

Martha Byrne's GOTHAM has announced more intriguing casting news. Michael Park will play multi-millionaire and hedge fund manager Richard Manning. Richard seems to be the only guy on Wall Street that "saw it coming". He has the net worth to show for it.

Park joins former AS THE WORLD TURNS co-stars Byrne and Anne Sayre on GOTHAM. Byrne will play Catherine Prescott and Sayre has been cast as Tina Havens, Catherine's best friend (Rose and Mitzi reunion!).

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1 comment:

  1. I think it's great that Byrne is giving her ATWT friends a chance to shine. One of my concerns for the actors on soaps, is that few of them manage to find opportunities outside daytime TV. If more of them can use their off hours to perform in other projects, that will given them a more diverse resume.

    I think this is critical for the actors' career longevity and financial future. Sadly, we know that soaps are in jeopardy. Given that truth, all of the actors have to worry about finding their next gig if their soap fires them.

    I wish that the soaps would deliberately court outside gigs for their cast members as part of a publicity routine. Maybe that would help to raise not only the profile of the actors but also the soaps.