Monday, September 21, 2009

Frank Radice Resigns From NATAS

There was an unexpected development with NATAS today as Frank Radice resigned as president. You will remember his name mentioned in a number of Daytime Emmy stories published at We Love Soaps over the past several months.

Frank Radice, president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, resigned Monday on the eve of the group's annual News & Documentary Emmys.

"It was due to significant differences between myself and management," he said. NATAS officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Radice held the position for less than a year, having signed up Dec. 15 as chief marketing officer and ascending to president Jan. 1. He facilitated a warmup in the relationship between NATAS and Los Angeles-based branch ATAS following a bruising legal battle under NATAS' previous president Peter Price.

Radice also made a priority of the Daytime Emmys, ensuring that the show would find a home after CBS and ABC opted out of airing it this year.

Thanks to a revenue-sharing deal more common in syndication, the Daytime Emmys aired Aug. 30 on the CW. The show, produced by Associated Television International, drew 2.68 million viewers, the lowest-ever for the telecast but OK for by the CW's standards.

"I am proud of what we accomplished this past year," Radice said. "From the daytime show, the partnership with ATI, to the funding of the Jim McKay scholarship, to the video blogs. All in all, a great year."


  1. Hmm this doesnt sound good for next years daytime emmys.

  2. I disagree Katie. I think (I hope) that CW saw that airing the Daytime Emmy's is a profitable venture and decides to air next year based on that. True, the numbers were relatively low. But as Roger has pointed out, the Daytime Emmy's received higher ratings than regular airings of 90210 and Melrose place. I'm an optimist, I know!

  3. I don't understand why they don't merge the Primetime and Daytime Emmys into one telecast. Daytime can eliminate the unnecessary "younger actor/actress" categories and air the major awards alongside the primetime comedy and drama categories.

  4. They can't merge the two shows because ATAS runs the Primetime Emmys and NATAS is in charge of Daytime Emmys - they are two separate organizations...and they hate each other. Any other ideas?

  5. Also, there would be time issues involved in a merging of the Daytime and Prime Time Emmys - which Jim Romanovich recently tweeted as a real possibility for 2011. Even eliminating the younger categories, you still have 4 acting awards plus show, writing and directing. 7 awards at 4 minutes per is about a half hour, plus about 15 minutes commercials to pay for it. I don't know if the networks would go for adding another hour to the Prime Time Emmys.

    As Damon said, there is every reason to believe that the CW will pick up the show again given that they drew in more viewers than they normally would. Whether that keeps up for multiple years, as Jim hinted, remains to be seen. But if it gets to the point of a merger, likely only three Daytime Emmys - show, actor and actress - would make the telecast, with the rest relegated to an off-air ceremony with a brief acknowledgement during the show.

  6. Macdonald Carey was nominated for two primetime Emmys for DAYS OF OUR LIVES before they gave Daytime their own ceremony. If they merged, I could see them announcing the daytime winners at the Primetime Creative Emmys which would stink for fans. But 2010 looks good. A lot could change before then, especially with web soaps with so much potential taking off.