Emmy Pundits: How Did We Do?

Another year has passed and once again it was tough to figure out what Emmy voters were going for. This year the pundits were surprised by the panels favoring some of the more subtle performances versus the over the top ham that generally wins. Is this a sign for the future or will next year, once again, be completely different? Keep in mind these are the "will win" selections based on who each pundit thought the panels would reward, not necessarily who we felt "should" win or who we wanted to win.


  1. Of course Roger is too modest to write that he is the winner this year, being the ONLY one to predict Tamara Braun would win.

    Fortunately I'm not too modest to say that my choices sucked, and the only category I accurately predicted was one I did not particularly want to be right about.

  2. Wow,Roger! Even with the surprise winners, you did really well.

    I think I had only 2 correct picks!