Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #6

On Episode #6 of "We Love Soaps Radio," Newcomb, Jacobs and Goldberg share their thoughts on the latest hot topics and news from around the soap world and give a sneak peak our fascinating interview with Louise Sorel.

Episode #6 includes:
- Hot topics from all the daytime soaps including:
    * LET’S MAKE A DEAL as GUIDING LIGHT's replacement
    * The Brooke-Ridge-Taylor merry-go-round on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
    * Katherine’s possible daughters on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
    * Bo/Nora/Clint on ONE LIFE TO LIVE
    * Sonny & Olivia on GENERAL HOSPITAL
    * Y&R's fake outdoor sets

- Louise Sorel lunched with We Love Soaps’ Damon L. Jacobs and they discussed her time on SANTA BARBARA and DAYS OF OUR LIVES and much more and we offer a preview of the interview as Sorel recalls a story beat she refused to play on SB.

- The hosts discuss whether ALL MY CHILDREN, or any daytime soap, should be kept on the air indefinitely once the show has become unrecognizable


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  1. I am addicted to the podcast, even though in #4 you read my question but called me by the wrong name.

    My question of the week is - Why did Ridge and Taylor get married in Rick's living room? Their son had tried to fire bomb it, his mother has a bad hip, and it seems far from Taylor's house....

    Also, they were going to have a wedding for the whole family and not serve lunch? You're telling me Ridge's family would come to his one millionth wedding and not want a little nosh?

  2. This is my first time listening to your podcast - well done!

    Loved the interview with Mdme. Sorel - have been boycotting Days since Dee & Drake left...Louise Sorel has reeled me back! Can't wait to see her on screen...she's been sorely missed!