CLASSIC CLIP: TEXAS August 4, 1980

29 years ago today, TEXAS, the ANOTHER WORLD spinoff starring the unforgettable Beverlee McKinsey, debuted on NBC. The show was created by John William Corrington, Joyce Corrington and Paul Rauch. The Corringtons were the first head writers of the series. Paul Rauch served as Executive Producer for the first year and was later replaced by Gail Kobe. Over 20 characters from TEXAS debuted on ANOTHER WORLD in the summer of 1980 in preparation for the launch of the new show. ANOTHER WORLD had expanded to 90 minutes in 1979 and moved back to an hour when TEXAS launch.

After McKinsey left the show in late 1981, it was renamed TEXAS: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Once Gail Kobe took over and, in 1982, Pamela Long took over as head writer, the show really took off. Unfortunately the ratings weren't good enough (by 1980 standards) and the show aired its final episode on December 31, 1982. Many of the creative folks behind the show as well as several cast members moved over to GUIDING LIGHT and began another wonderful period in GL's history.

Below are scenes from the final crossover episode of ANOTHER WORLD as well as the opening from the first episode of TEXAS.


  1. The late Beverlee McKinsey was the queen of soap operas - no one can compare to her emotion and depth of the characters she portrayed. She is sorely missed.

  2. Thank you so much for this tribute to a sadly missed show, particularly one that had finally gelled (acting, writing, character development, plotlines, etc.) just before its cancellation by NBC.