Monday, August 31, 2009

Backstage at the Daytime Emmy Gifting Suite


Official Presenter Gift Lounge backstage at The 36th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards

Backstage at The Orpheum Theatre

Host Vanessa Williams along with Presenters including Kristen Alderson, Mark Lawson, Bree Williamson and Brandon Buddy (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Texas Battle, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Ronn Moss, Heather Tom and Patrick Duffy (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL), Bradford Anderson, Anthony Geary, Rebecca Herbst, Kirsten Storms, Kelly Monaco and Tyler Christopher (GENERAL HOSPITAL), Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann, Ewa Da Cruz and Trent Dawson (AS THE WORLD TURNS), Melissa Claire Egan, Cameron Mathison, Susan Lucci, Chrishell Stause and Ricky Paull Goldin (ALL MY CHILDREN), Colin Eggelsfield (MELROSE PLACE), Erik Estrada, Jennie Garth (90210), Daniel Goddard, Billy Miller, Christel Khalil and Elizabeth Hendrickson (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), Shelley Hennig, Eric Martsolf, James Scott and Jay Kenneth Johnson (DAYS OF OUR LIVES), Bindi Irwin, (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Lori Loughlin (90210), Gilles Marini, Kyle Massey, Christopher Massey, Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer (GUIDING LIGHT), (General Hospital), Dr. Travis Stor, Alex Trebek, Kevin Frazier & Lara Spencer, Jillian Hervey, Tracy Chapman and Montel Williams among the stars who shopped the Gift Lounge!

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BOOKSONBOARD $100 BooksOnBoard Gift Certificate and a Cybook Opus Electronic Reader
Jennie Garth was excited to see that BooksOnBoard had pre-loaded the “Twilight” book on to her new e-reader, after all her husband stars in the movie! When asked what kind of books he’ll be downloading from BooksOnBoard, ALL MY CHILDREN star Cameron Mathison replied, “I read a lot of books on meditation written by Tibetan monks,” who knew? Lori Loughlin recently read “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and told BooksOnBoard it’s brilliant, but cautioned, if you’ve read it, skip the movie! Melissa Claire Egan of ALL MY CHILDREN plans to download “Twilight” from Gilles Marini of next season’s BROTHERS & SISTERS told BooksOnBoard he recently read and was inspired by Tom Bergeron’s “I’m Hosting as Fast As I Can,” maybe the sexy ballroom dancer will try his hand at hosting? Erik Estrada is a sweet dad, he said he planned on downloading “Charlotte’s Web” from BooksOnBoard to read to his daughter! Kirsten Storms is all about old-world romance, first on her download list from BooksOnBoard, all things Jane Austen, “Pride & Prejudice” tops her list! Heather Tom told BooksOnBoard “I’m a compulsive reader,” she’s currently flipping through “Born to Run.” Patrick Duffy is a history buff, he told BooksOnBoard he’s currently reading selections by Winston Churchill. Kelly Monaco loves autobiographies, she’s got Artie Lange’s “Too Fat to Fish” on her bedside table, she’s excited to download it from! Daytime legend Susan Lucci told BooksOnBoard she is currently reading “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, and couldn’t’ wait to take her new e-reader on the airplane. Star of the new MELROSE PLACE Colin Eggelsfield told BooksOnBoard he loves non-fiction, he’s currently reading “Conversations with God,” maybe he’s praying the series will be a hit!

STARBUCKS ICE CREAM Featuring Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappuccino, Java Chip Frappuccino, and Coffee – all inspired by popular Starbucks drinks!
Stars shared some inside “scoop” while indulging in scoops of Starbucks Ice Cream backstage in the Gift Lounge: Who says skinny editors don’t like to indulge? Vanessa Williams it turns out, loves her ice cream, the UGLY BETTY beauty went back for seconds for her new favorite Starbucks Ice Cream flavor, Java Chip! Colin Eggelsfield of MELROSE PLACE who plays a chef on the new show, practiced his skills scooping his own Starbucks Ice Cream while sharing the scoop that his character will be hooking up with MP alum Laura Leighton who happens to play his AA sponsor! Get ready from some major “MP” drama! While sampling some Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks Ice Cream, “90210” star Jennie Garth shared that all’s well on the set, no one’s fighting! While Gilles Marini scooped up some Caramel Macchiato Starbucks Ice Cream, he shared that he’s about to stir up some trouble on the fall season of BROTHERS & SISTERS. While indulging in his new favorite Starbucks Ice Cream flavor, ALL MY CHILDREN hunk Cameron Mathison shared some sweet details on his new move to L.A. Mathison, who recently renewed his vows to his wife said they’re looking for a house in L.A. close to the “AMC” studios as he hates getting stuck in L.A.’s bumper-to-bumper traffic! And his thoughts on this season’s DANCING WITH THE STARS contestants, he thinks Donny Osmond will go all the way! “90210” star Lori Loughlin loves Starbucks Ice Cream’s Mocha Chip flavor and Regis Philbin!! Loughlin said she was rooting for Regis to win Best Talk Show Host, it turns out, when she first started out in daytime, he was the first person to interview her! ALL MY CHILDREN star Melissa Claire Egan has a sweet tooth! As the daytime diva scooped up Mocha Frappucino Starbucks Ice Cream she shared that playing a crazy person is so much fun! Ron Moss of “The Bold & the Beautiful” said he loves Starbucks Ice Cream, while kissing and spooning some Coffee flavored Starbucks Ice Cream to his wife! Kristen Storms of “General Hospital” admitted to being a Starbucks “freak,” while scooping up a sweet helping of the coffee flavored Starbucks Ice Cream! Susan Lucci made a b-line for a taste of Starbucks Ice Cream in the Gift Lounge, her favorite flavor, Caramel Macchiato!

NATURE MADE SAM-E COMPLETE “Discover Your Good Mood Essentials Kit” including a 6-month Supply of SAM-e Complete
While enjoying a relaxing hand massage from Nature Made SAM-e Complete and scooping up a 6-month supply of SAM-e Complete, stars shared what puts them in a good mood: Susan Lucci says eating the right food makes her happy…but that doesn’t stop her from having pasta or a hot fudge sundae once in a while! Look forward to Gilles Marini kicking some butt on the set of “Brothers & Sisters,” the sexy actor says what keeps in a good mood is practicing martial arts. Brandon Buddy of “One Life to Live” says what keeps him in the best mood is making it to the gym on a regular basis! Kim Zimmer of GUIDING LIGHT keeps her good mood with visits to the dog park and regular massages. “That’s So Raven” star Kyle Massey declared “I’m always in a good mood” as he picked up a 6-month supply of SAM-e Complete for his Mom! His brother Chris Massey of ZOEY 101 had a different idea, he said with a laugh “I think I’ll give this to my ex-girlfriend, she’s always in a bad mood!” Chris also shared that he’ll make good use of the yoga mat as he’s just now starting to get into yoga! Cameron Mathison was excited to receive SAM-e Complete and shared “I’m a big believer in doing nice things for people, that keeps me in a good mood!”

VERA BRADLEY Imperial Toile Large Duffle & Fall 2009 Accessories
Host and UGLY BETTY star Vanessa Williams while trying on a new Vera Bradley apron, shared that she’s pretty good in the kitchen, her specialty, blueberry yogurt pie! BROTHERS & SISTERS star Gilles Marini has a perfect reason to wear Vera Bradley’s new apron, the hottie shared that he was born in a pastry shop!“90210” star Jennie Garth said that a new Vera Bradley apron would be great! She spends a lot of time cooking at home and now the kids have started to help her! Daytime Emmy nominees and GENERAL HOSPITAL star Kirsten Storms says she’s a pretty good cook, in-fact she’s cooking for the whole family, in town for the Emmy’s, and will be rocking her new Vera Bradley apron. While scooping up a new apron, Colin Egglesfield gave Vera Bradley the dish that he’ll be playing a chef on MELROSE PLACE! Patrick Duffy shared that he rarely eats, instead he likes to cook, he said the new Vera Bradley apron would come in handy when he’s behind the stove. Bindi Irwin picked out the Vera Bradley apron, telling us that she loves baking chocolate chip cookies, that’s of course when she’s not busy wrestling alligators! Jake Silbermann of “As The World Turns” shared that he loves to cook Indian food for his girlfriend and was excited to pick up the Vera Bradley apron! Chris Massey picked up Vera Bradley’s Imperial Tote and a cool apron for hi Mom, who loves to cook! He loves her spaghetti and chicken parmesan! Melissa Claire Egan will use here new Vera Bradley duffle as she prepares to move from New York to L.A. with the rest of the “All My Children” cast!

Host Vanessa Williams and her beautiful daughter, Jillian Hervey, who performed with her at the Daytime Emmys, have something in common, they both like the same style jeans, the mother-daughter duo pre-ordered the “boyfriend” jean from Anoname, not available to the public till January! Don’t plan on seeing “Mom” jeans on sexy Cameron Mathison anytime soon. While choosing a pair of Cult of Individuality Jeans, the ALL MY CHILDREN hottie said while baggie jeans are certainly “comfy,” he’s sticking with the straight, skinny jeans! THAT'S SO RAVEN star Kyle Massey loves the denim brand name so much he’s considering naming his kid Cult of Individuality Massey! Erik Estrada of CHIPS fame can’t wait to wear his new Cult of Individuality jeans while riding on his motorcycle, when they start wearing out, the actor covers the holes with police patches. Rebecca Herbst did a “quick-change,“ right on the spot, pulling her new Anoname jeans right on under her dress, perfect fit! PROJECT RUNWAY watch out, Bindi Irwin just may be on board for next season! While picking out a pair of cool, grey skinny Anoname jeans, the mini Aussie shared with onlookers that she in-fact designed her own dress that she was wearing to the Daytime Emmys! Jennie Garth of “90210”loves her husband Peter Facinelli so much that she chose a pair of Cult of Individuality jeans for him (also scooping up a pair of Anoname boot cut jeans for herself)!

HOLLY MCCLAIN DESIGNS Custom Handcrafted Embellished Dog Collars and Matching Leads
Melissa Claire Egan of ALL MY CHILDREN has a lot of people willing to watch her adorable 2-year-old dog Sophia when she’s on the set! Egan picked out a Holly McClain Designs dog collar and matching lead for her sweet pup! BROTHERS & SISTERS star Gilles Marini’s daughter helped him pick out a fun red bow-tie style collar from Holly McClain Designs for his 4 month old black French Bulldog puppy maybe that will make up for the fact that he called the dog “ugly.” Vanessa Williams has two dogs, a Yorkie and a great dane, she and her daughter, Jillian, picked out new collars from Holly McClain Designs for both! Ronn Moss of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is engaged and has two dogs, his fiancée wants them to be a part of the wedding, he says no! However they both settled on one floral and one bow-tie design collar from Holly McClain Designs for the pups! The ladies of “90210” know how to treat their pups! Jennie Garth & Lori Loughlin both picked out matching Holly McClain Designs collars for their dogs, complete with bow ties, swarovski crystals and matching leads!

CHEWYLOU DESIGNS Clothing for Men, Women and Kids
Alex Trebek chose a “Breathe” Chewylou Designs t-shirt for his daughter, he shared that she’ll be playing JV Volleyball this year! Chris Massey of ZOEY 101 and ALL MY CHILDREN star Cameron Mathison have something in common! They both picked out a “Breathe” t-shirt from Chewylou Designs. Chris said “breathing being an important part of my Yoga routine” while Cameron shared “I’m very into meditation, love it!” Tyler Christopher of GENERAL HOSPITAL has a plan for matching “Breathe” Chewylou Designs t-shirts for he & his wife who’s expecting! They will both wear them to remind the do just that! Susan Lucci loved the “Believe” t-shirt so much she asked if Chewylou Designs would be interested in donating proceeds to benefit her charity “Feed the Children,” they agreed on the spot, Lucci was thrilled!

COBY ELECTRONICS SNAPP CAM3000 Portable Handheld Digital Camcorder and DP-240 Portable 2.4” Digital Photo Album with MP3 Playback
Chris Massey of ZOEY 101 exclaimed “Awesome, I’ll be using this later tonight!” as he picked up the Coby Electronics SNAPP CAM3000 Portable Handheld camcorder. Kyle Massey of “That’s So Raven” said “this is so sexy” as he started shooting video with the Coby SNAPP CAM3000, he said to check out YouTube later that night! Don’t be surprised if you see Erik Estrada, staking out Robertson Blvd. or LAX sometime soon, the actor, excited to receive the Coby SNAPP CAM3000 said, “I may start moonlighting for TMZ!” Kirsten Storms of GENERAL HOSPITAL plans on using her new Coby SNAPP CAM to document her night at the Daytime Emmy’s! Patrick Duffy plans to use his Coby SNAPP CAM to document his beautiful, but fast-growing grandchildren!

GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY Selection of Accessories for iPod, iPhone, Blackberry & More
Stars including Vanessa Williams, Cameron Mathison, Gilles Marini, Susan Lucci, Jennie Garth, Lori Loughlin and Colin Egglesfield, scooped up the latest accessories for their iPods, iPhones and Blackberry devices from Griffin Technology! Lara Spencer and her husband picked out Griffin Technology accessories for their iPod Touch and iPod Nanos, plus cases and accessories for their Blackberry phone. Melissa Claire Egan, can’t wait to use her new Griffin Technology FM Transmitter in the new car she’s going to need to get when she moves back to LA from NY for All My Children! Cameron Mathison was excited about the good grip he can get on the Griffin Technology “Graphite” Case he picked out for his iPhone and Ipod, so it can’t slip out of his hand!

CRUNCH One Year Crunch Membership
“90210” hotties Lori Loughlin and Jennie Garth were excited to get their annual Crunch memberships! Lori said she does Pilates and Barry's Bootcamp, Jennie Garth thinks this may be a sign that she should start going to the gym again! Chris Massey of ZOEY 101 is ready to say goodbye to L.A. Fitness and hello to Crunch, he plans to us the clubs in L.A. and Atlanta! Melissa Claire Egan shared that she’s a kick-boxing enthusiast but now super excited to try Crunch’s Dance Your Ass off classes! Gilles Marini of “Brothers & Sisters is very excited about his 1 year membership, he hates L.A. traffic and know that he can be at the Crunch in West Hollywood in six minutes!

And Jamie Kreitman Crystals Flip Flops Adorned with Brooches
Lara Spencer couldn’t wait to slip out of her heels and into the comfortable and stylish new Jamie Kreitman flip flops when she popped into the Gift Lounge at the end of the night – after a long night of Red Carpet hosting duties!


  1. I wonder how excited they'll all be when they get a tax bill for that stuff. Sam-e Complete? That will definitely come in handy for dealing with 30% pay cuts!

  2. Thanks for this. I felt like I was there.