Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ATWT: Agim Kaba and Steve Bassett Return

Agim Kaba (Aaron) and Steve Bassett (Seth) will be returning for Holden's funeral on AS THE WORLD TURNS next week. Bassett joined the cast of ATWT in 1986 and played the role of Seth off and on until 1994. He returned the last time Holden "died" as well. Perhaps Holden should die more often. Agim Kaba last was seen as Aaron after his marriage to Alison fell apart (which happened about two seconds after they were married).

- Former Soap Stars Bassett & Weiss on Broadway


  1. Even though it took this lame Holden "dies" again storyline to bring back Aaron and Seth, I'll be glad to see them again.

  2. Will Iva be too busy taking care of should-be-SORASed-to-21-by-now MJ or will she just be unable to catch a flight out of DC? Aren't there other Snyder sibs too that should be returning?

    Oh and Abigail as well. Lets see how they mention their absences this go around.